Posted at June 1, 2020

Walt Disney’s Dinosaur Review

Walt Disney’s Dinosaur:

 It may not score well with a plot, but this movie has enough stunning visuals to make it a disney classic. This movie easily outdoes Jurassic Park or any other film for its visuals.

            In this exceptional piece of work put together by directors Eric Leighton and Ralph Zondag, the movie “Dinosaur” starts off with a heart-pounding intro when a giant carnotaur bursts out of the jungle and causes a stampede with other herbivorous dinosaurs. The carnotaur smashes most of the eggs in an iguanodons nest except one. Moments after the carnotaur has caught its prey, (probably a triceratops) an oviraptor spots the egg and takes it to its nest for food, but accidently dropped the egg in a river and the egg was eventually picked up by a Pterodactyl, who accidentally drops it into a forest inhabited by lemurs.

            When the egg hatches, the lemurs raise it as their own and call him Aladar. Some years later, a meteor shower wipes out the lemur island and Aladar and a few of his lemur friends are forced to find a new home, which is when they encounter a multi species herd of dinosaurs after being chased down by a raptor pack. The dinosaur herd is led by a vicious and power-hungry iguanodon named Kron, who proves to have a big rivalry with Aladar.


This vivid portrait of Earth 65 million years ago portrays an amazing look at what the dinosaurs’ life might have been like after the meteor shower, but it also says that the dinosaurs were looking for refuge after this devastating point in time, which implies that some dinosaurs survived this shower. “Dinosaur” is not only a visual splendor film; it’s a movie that people going through a struggle can easily relate to because “Dinosaur” is about a group of Cretaceous creatures struggling to get to a new home, somewhat like people who are without jobs and/or homes “Dinosaur” comes as a very close similarity to this current event.

            Some people have deemed the film as a rip-off version of Don Bluth’s The Land Before Time, but make no mistake. Dinosaur is far better with grand spectacle holding it down. It may not harbor an intricate plot with interesting characters, but this dino-pic benefits mostly from its stellar voice acting, vibrant original score by James Newton Howard, incredible sound editing and cinematography, and its dazzling visual effects.

If anything “Dinosaur” will probably be best known for its stunning visuals, and surprisingly enough, that’s all it may need to become a classic. Its hard to believe that this majestic creature feature was not re-released in 3-d.

This magnificent motion picture will be fun for the whole family and people from all ages will love it. This sublime, action packed piece of genuine eye-candy is definitely one of Walt Disney’s best animated features because it is just so gratifying to know that Disney made an animated movie that wasn’t about princes and princesses. How underrated this movie is is just a travesty.      


3 and a half out of 5 stars



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