Posted at July 30, 2020

A Viral Video Exposing Blatant Racism and An Unconstitutional Demand: This Week Was Quite the Tumultuous Ride

This week has been quite a rollercoaster and I’m going to cover a few different stories that happened over the span of the last few days.

This video went viral over this week where one brave soul braced himself to the toxic vitriol of some of the most open racists in the U.S. Rob Bliss spent three days holding up a sign saying black lives matter and was subsequently called a race traitor, the n-word, and anti-Semitic slurs; and these people had the confidence to say it full well knowing it was on camera. To see racists so emboldened to proudly display their hate and idiotic ideologies in full view of the world can be shocking, except this has always been known; the U.S. has a long history with white supremacy. The town, labeled the most racist town in the U.S. is Harrison.

The Arkansas town of Harrison is known to harbor white supremacists and was even the birthplace of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. While you may believe this is just an isolated outlier of racism in America, there are probably millions who harbor these same views but won’t announce it as proudly as the white supremacist town. There was a glimmer of hope at the end of the video though. A young woman approached Bliss and handed him a note that read, “Ignore the haters, you’re being peaceful. What your doing is good.” While it was a good way to end the video, it was also shameful that this person could be shunned by their community for not being hateful.

Another story comes from early today when Donald Trump tweeted out his plans to delay the election. He’s gone on many rants thus far denouncing mail-in voting (even though him and his cronies have done it before) and whined about how if more Americans have the chance to vote, Republicans are doomed. His claims are totally unfounded, voter fraud is a myth told to perpetuate a distrust of the government and to keep his regime afloat. Voter suppression however, is well known to the GOP and Donald Trump.

Of course, he can’t postpone the election, the only ones with the power to do that is if both parties within the House of Representatives and Congress agree to it. We’re living in unprecedented times and we need to keep hold of our institutions; mail-in voting is the only way to vote come November and we cannot allow the GOP to undermine it and strip the postal service in hopes to rig the election. While the tweet was the usual nonsense from Donald Trump, his goal remains clear; win no matter what. He’s a fascist there’s no doubt about it, but if we let his cronies go unpunished and allow such unconstitutional assaults on this country, it will be demolished from the inside out.

Trump is historically down in the polls, and he knows this. He’s been trying to rile up his base for weeks and has further descended into just being blatantly racist. He knows he won’t win a fair election; the American people do not want a fascist government, but that doesn’t mean we should just sit back until November. Keep pushing back, keep challenging the racists, white supremacists, and fascists who look to undermine our country. There needs to be a shift in this country if we want to survive the impending economic collapse that the coronavirus and republican mishandling has brought upon us. Make sure to vote in November, if you can please vote by mail; and if your state doesn’t provide it, pressure them to change it. We’re primed to see massive voter turnout this election, make sure your vote counts.


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  • Norm Jul 31ST, 2020

    Sean, your thoughts are right on. It’s a shame that your message does not reach the masses. How about sending your articles as OpEds to the Washington Post and New York Times? They have a huge following of readers and your message would resonate to a larger audience. I am appalled what the President is attempting to do to ruin the upcoming election. We are sunk if people don’t vote or are suppressed. I cannot think what another 4 years of Trump would be.

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