Posted at April 26, 2020

Crafting a Story: The Three Acts Part One

This article is to get you acquainted with the three act structure. I will do individual articles on each act, stages, and turning points at a later date. Those will be in more detail.

When writing there is always a foundation to the novel. It’s broken up in beats and acts. Inside of acts one through three are stages and turning points or also known as beats. Turning points and stages are what keeps the story moving.

The first act includes the stages #1 setup and #2 new situation. It also includes the turning points #1 opportunity and #2 change of plans is the bridge of act one and act two.

The second act includes the stages #3 progress and #4 complications & higher stakes. The turning points are #3 Point of no return and #4 major setback is the bridge of act two to act three.

The third act includes the stages #5 final push and #6 aftermath. The running point is #5 Climax.

The order would be as follows; stage #1 set up, turning point #1 opportunity, stage #2 new situation, turning point #2 change of plans, stage #3 progress, turning point #3 point of no return, stage #4 complications & higher stakes, turning point #4 major setback, stage #5 final push, turning point #5 climax, stage #6 aftermath.

The next article I will go further into detail on the acts, stages, and turning points of act one. Look out for it at the end of next week!

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