Posted at May 9, 2020

How To Neatly Clutter Your Bookshelves

Moving into a new house but have a ton of book from storage?  Bookworms, you are not alone.  The problem with having a lot of book is storage.  So instead of stuffing all your books upright on a shelf with little creativity involved, it can look boring.  Here’s some ideas about how to neatly clutter your bookshelves!


Start with sticking about five books propped upright against the wall of the shelf.  Then, add a small picture frame or other trinket to cut into that space.


Next, color-coordinate the spines of your books.  Red, yellow, blue (which seems to be the most common).  It doesn’t matter the color!  Just make a rainbow out of them.


Though your books are sitting atop a shelf, that doesn’t mean you can’t use book ends.  Therefore, I suggest adding a touch of uniqueness to your bookshelf by calling attention to a space dedicated to these certain books held up by book ends.  It never fails to look classy and sophisticated, so why not?


Another idea: Instead of setting your books upright, stack them like you would your heavy textbooks.  Stack them all the way to the top of the shelf, even.  This will break up the pattern and give your shelf a cluttered, yet clean look.  Something along the lines of “Yeah, I read those books so fast that I don’t have time to organize them.”


Lastly, and most importantly, don’t have long lines of books with no spaces in between.  To get that “neatly cluttered” look, break up the style with a small glove, a newton’s cradle, or whatever appeals to you that will fit within twelve inches.


Literary friends, I’ve added a list of simple decorations to “clutter” your shelves with!

  • Pictures
  • Candles
  • Model Airplanes
  • Antiques
  • Small Jewelry Box
  • Don’t Forget Photo Albums!
  • Artificial (or real) Flowers
  • Solar Powered Lamps
  • Small Stuffed Animals
  • Pots
  • Baskets
  • Clock
  • Your Art Supplies
  • Paintings/Drawings

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