Posted at May 26, 2020

Top 5 Novels That Will Undoubtedly Become Classics

Want to read modern-day classics?  These 5 novels are exactly what you’re searching for, because they will undoubtedly become all American classic novels.

1) The Fault in Our Stars
Before a hundred YA authors took the “cancer-kids-fall-in-love” plot, this novel was the first of that kind.  It’s realistic, raw, and an accurate representation of teenagers in love even though they know one of them will lose the other.  It’s a heartbreaking love story, but that’s what makes it one of the best YA novels on the shelf.

2) Wonder
Not many stories are written from the point of view of a child with a deformed face, which is why it is so popular among its genre.  In fact, it’s not only a middle grade novel; it’s a middle grade novel that was loved by teenagers and adults alike, and it was loved for its innocent viewpoint of the world.  Wonder highlights how truly horrible humans can be in the face of diversity, yet how accepting they can be when they stop judging the outside of someone.  A read that’s worth it.

3) The Perks of Being a Wallflower
      This novel isn’t just for teenagers stepping into high school for the first time.  It’s not just for teens who want to read about what it’s like to fall in love for the first time, or try drugs or alcohol.  It’s for all readers who want to see life through the eyes of a young boy who struggles with his past and the mental illness it causes him.  Wallflower is for parents of struggling children, friends of ill friends, and teens about to leap into high school.

4) The Book Thief
This story is for everyone–teenagers, adults, the elderly.  The thing that will make this story a classic is the elegant, beautiful, unfiltered writing.  The Book Thief  is narrated by The Angel of Death who teaches a valuable lesson to every reader about life and death, and pointing out the importance of the families who struggled through WWII.  This book is already named a modern classic and will forever live on to be one of the greatest.

5) Speak
It’s rare to find a story that reaches out to rape victims, especially in such a subtle way that touches teenagers and shows the emotions in the aftermath of tragedy.  Also, this novel teaches readers how to react in situations that involve such terrible problems.  This book will go down as a classic for its ability to connect with teenagers who have dealt with similar situations as the main character does in Speak.


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