Posted at May 18, 2020

Top 5 Ways to Become Creatively Inspired

During this difficult time when we’re all stuck under our roof, inspiration is much needed, especially if you’re a creator, a painter, musician, writer.  We’re all artists, even just a little bit.  These top 5 ways to become inspired work on me almost every single time.


Read a Book
I don’t mean sit down and read Gone With The Wind in one afternoon.  I mean take a moment, and fill your brain with beautiful writing from literature that you love.  The books that usually work for me are The Book Thief, The Fault in Our Stars (or any John Green novel), and If I Stay.  These are sad stories, yes, but they inspire me, because as a writer, I write sad stories, as well.  It’s what I enjoy, so to become inspired, I flip through one of these books, read a chapter or two, and feel that urge to pull out my laptop and create something great.


Observe a Piece of Art
Maybe you don’t have to drive all the way to an art gallery or museum, but perhaps use the internet, flip through an old textbook, or check out a painting in your home.  Look deep into it.  Interpret it.  Figure out what it’s trying to represent, signify, speak to its audience.  Search for that hidden meaning, or maybe just imagine all the passion the artist brushed into that paint, and determine the beauty of it.  When I see a piece of art that especially speaks to me, I feel inspired in a way that makes me believe that in some parallel universe, I’m a watercolor painter.  Maybe you are a watercolor painter, but since I search for inspiration to write, I go create the words my painting would say.


Listen to Music
Listen to the music that engrosses your head, absorbs through your pores, and swims around your body.  Listen to the music that puts you in a daze, or the kind of music that you listen to in the shower or on the lawn mower.  Put on a vinyl, because who doesn’t absolutely love the sound of a record?  A jazz record?  They say music speaks to the soul, so if you’re searching for inspiration, turn on some music and let it do it’s talking.  Hey, musicians out there, listen to the music you want to be inspired to create.  And go make it.


Watch a Movie
Sounds kind of like the lazy way to get inspired, but if might work for you.  The way it works for me is experiencing dramatic, heartbreaking scenes, mostly because I like sad stories, and watching something like that makes me want to go write one myself.  But think of all the creativity it took to make that scene.  First, some colorful brain had to come up with the idea, then someone had to write it, then act it out, direct it, produce it, film it.  All of these people were passionate.  So go watch a movie!  See if this method works for you.


 Enjoy Nature
Breathe it in.  Sit in it.  Be alone in it.  Nature is a powerful thing.  Look at all it creates–all types of weather, catastrophes, rainbows, life.  It’s a work of art in itself.  Being surrounded by this unique, colorful, leafy form of life and art will clear you mind and make you forget why you were out there to begin with.  Instead of wanted to feel inspired, you’ll just…be inspired.  Description is my favorite part about writing, especially description about places or nature.  So if it works for you, try taking a pen and notepad with you to jot down the scene around you.  Then go back home and paint it, write about it, or maybe even make a song about it.


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