Posted at May 13, 2020

Ancestry DNA + DNA Traits: Taking the Test

This won’t be a long post or article (whatever you would like to call this piece) because this will be a short series of individual pieces. This past Saturday I received my Ancestry DNA + DNA traits test kit in the mail. So today, I finally took the test and sent it off in the mail yesterday. I know, I know I could’ve done it on Monday and not on Tuesday. I guess I’m a tad bit nervous to see who I’m related to and my nationalities.

Let me back up this story just a tad bit. I didn’t know my dad until three or four years ago. I only met him a few times when I was a toddler and have no memories of that. Nor any pictures of us together from that time. I was told by my mom I resembled him and that’s all I had to go by on what he possibly kind of looked like and that he was possibly of Native American decent.

Now that’s not the only family member I didn’t know anything about. I don’t know much about my maternal grandma’s parents since she was adopted by her aunt or great aunt (I can never remember which one). Anyways, I know one thing though we have Syrian decent on my great great grandmother’s side. Her father immigrated here from Syria. I only know that because of what genealogy searches I have done from my previous attempts.

I’m a bundle of nerves and excitement while waiting. These next 6 to 8 weeks is going to feel like a lifetime I have no idea what to do with myself. At least taking the test was easy. Registering it though on their app, that was another story. They kept asking me for consent of my child’s DNA to be processed, even though I did click on my name. When I used their website though everything worked out swell and I didn’t have that weird glitch thing going on.

I’ll do an update when I get the next information on where the test is at and what the next steps are that way if you’re wanting to get it done but are unsure you can follow my story. So, you can see for yourself the process and if it is something you still want to do. I may even do a genealogy miniseries after I do get my results back and start relooking into my ancestors stories. I hope you enjoyed my rambling piece that came from the heart.

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