Posted at April 28, 2020

Top 5 Best Stephen King Books to Read during Lockdown

Bestselling author Stephen King is well known as “The King” of contemporary horror. During his extensive career (over 50 years) many of his books became movies, tv shows, and even comic books. His engaging and peculiar way of telling stories makes someone who is not even interested in books, an avid reader. Here are 5 of his best books to make staying at home much more entertain:

5) Cell

Tells the story of Clayton Riddel, an artist who is traveling for work when an apocalypse-like situation starts that only affects people with cellphones. Far away from his wife and son, Clayton, followed by a group of survivors, is going to do the impossible to be reunited with his family again.

4) Bazaar of Bad Dreams

A collection of short stories to keep you up until late at night. Total of twenty very varied stories, from scary murders to more fictional and tetric monsters.

3) Carrie

An all-time classic novel of King, “Carrie” follows the story of a teenage girl with telekinetic powers. After finding out her powers, Carrie, who is being an outcast for her entire life, is going to seek revenge of those who made her life a living hell.

2) Misery

“Misery” tells the story of a famous writer Paul Sheldon and the encounter with his number one fan, Annie Wilkes, after he had a car accident. Annie takes Paul to her house and helps him get better all while praising him for being such a great writer. Soon enough, Paul finds out how obsessive and actually insane Annie really is and, with broken legs, will try to scape.

1) Desperation

This story is set in a town named “Desperation” in the middle of nowhere in Nevada. A police officer stops people from the desolate highway near the town and with excuses, sends them to the station and put them in jail. Sooner than later, the people find out that something is wrong with the police officer and together will try to get out as soon as possible of that town.



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