Posted at May 28, 2020

Chris Hemsworth’s At-Home Workout is a Real Ass-Kicker

Ever since Chris Hemsworth’s breakout role in Thor he has been a paragon of peak fitness. For years he has needed to maintain and build upon his body to achieve the “godlike’ physique needed to play the Marvel superhero. But how does a guy stay in that kind of shape especially when you can’t go to the gym. Well last month Hemsworth posted an at-home training video with his personal trainer Luke Zocchi and it is a real ass kicker.

If you’ve ever followed Hemsworth’s training, you know it can be grueling; and you can see how the hard work has paid off for him. This workout isn’t any different either, while all you’ll need are dumbbells (or laundry detergent like he so expertly uses in the video) and a chair or stool. The workout is made up of six rounds of five exercises: burpees to overhead press, tricep extensions, squats, mountain climbers, and sit-thrus.

First off are burpees to overhead press, which combine the more chess-focused burpees to an all-around workout as you drive your dumbbells up to an overhead press to finish one rep. next up are tricep extensions, and depending on what you want to do you can either use your chair for dips or the weights for kickbacks. Squats are pretty self-explanatory, but if you want to add some more difficulty Zocchi performs jumping squats in the video that you can follow along to. Mountain climbers are especially hard and Hemsworth and Zocchi both do different variations to diversify your workout. Finally, they finish with sit-thrus, a great way to end a set and really push yourself to the max. Now repeat for five more circuits, or if that’s to much go until you feel like you can’t go any further.

This workout was hard, I’ve worked out a lot in my life and this left me gassed and tired. It’s no wonder why Chris Hemsworth is in the shape he is after you complete this training session. While the workout may not get you a starring role in a Marvel superhero movie, it will probably make you extra sore in the morning. It’s also a great motivator to come out of quarantine looking anew and to flex your post-quarantine transformation.


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