Posted at July 28, 2020

Chris Wallace Made Trump Look Like An Embarrassed Man-Child, and It was All Aired on His Favorite Network

Last week the president went on an interview with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, and it was bonkers. To see such pushback from someone on the Right and the meltdown by Trump on T.V. being called out as a liar was both hilarious and amazing to watch. Trump has been president of the U.S. for about four years, and in his four years he has never had such opposition in an interview until now…and it was Fox News of all media to do it. Its crazy how nobody until now has pushed back, and Chris Wallace didn’t even push that far; all Wallace did was present facts. Trump might be one of the most thinned skinned politicians, all you need to do is bring up his inauguration attendance and he’ll get into a huff about “fake news” and “radical leftist liberals” (lol).

The interview with Chris Wallace was quite the sight. Seeing Trump ramble about absolute nonsense and pivoting at every point of contention, it’s obvious he has no hold on the current situations going on in the U.S. (although he never had a grasp on it). It’s honestly the rawest experience you could see of a narcissist who’s slowly losing their mind to dementia. This man legit thinks that the democrats are exacerbating the coronavirus pandemic to win the election in November.

Some of the highlights from this train wreck of an interview are truly gems illuminating the insanity that is current American politics. First up was his denial of coronavirus numbers. Chris Wallace accurately brought up how the U.S. has the 7th highest mortality rate in the world (more than Brazil or Russia) and Trump’s response was to whine and complain how they’re fake. He also went on a tangent of how testing creates more cases of the coronavirus and that we’ve tested more than anyone else in the world and other such nonsense. Wallace also correctly stated that while testing has gone up by 37%, number of cases has gone up by 194%, those numbers don’t seem to line up all that well Mr. President. Also, I love how he ended his rant on the coronavirus saying, “I’ll be right eventually. I will be right eventually. You know I said, ‘It’s going to disappear.’ I’ll say it again.” This was declared after the interview played a clip of Trump saying that the coronavirus would just disappear back in January.

Wallace also brought up Joe Biden and Bernie Sander’s bipartisan plan for the future of the U.S. and Trump hit back with rambling nonsense that was immediately shutdown. Trump wrongly claimed that Biden wanted to defund the police, he doesn’t and he actually wants to give more funding to the police. Also when you talk about systemic racism and how Black people are disproportionately killed by police and given longer sentences than white people (it blew my mind Wallace brought up this fact) and your response is, “I mean, many, many whites are killed. I hate the sad—but this is going on for decades,” you might be a wee bit racist. Trump was also so flabbergasted on this topic that he asked his staff to grab the document for the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force so he can find where it says to “defund the police” it doesn’t anywhere he just made it up in his tiny brain.

A couple more tidbits that where amazing to watch included Trump’s defense of the Confederate flag, calling it the South’s flag and how it represents the South itself. Except it doesn’t, it’s not even the U.S.’s flag. The Confederate flag is a representation of a traitorous and seditious country who branched off from the U.S. because of slavery and racism. When Wallace brought up a bi-partisan bill that will give raises to U.S. military personnel and will change the names of bases named after confederate generals Trump whined and said, “I don’t care what the military says. I do—I’m supposed to make a decision.” Strange coming from the party that loves to parrot around its “love” for the military. He also talked about how we fought two “beautiful” world wars as the reason not to change the names of military bases.

Another big contention point was the current polls for the November election. Wallace showed Trump a poll, taken by Fox News themselves, that showed Biden leading Trump by eight points. This lead to the usual burst of “fake news” by Trump and rolling over talking about how all the polls are fake and that he, and he alone, has the “real polls” which show him leading. You can check out the polls here, Trump is leading in no national polls, and even states like Florida and Texas (historically deep red states) are looking to become swing states in the next election.

Lastly might be the scariest thing Trump said throughout the whole interview. When Chris Wallace asked if Trump would accept a loss in November, Trump said, “I have to see. Look, you –I have to see. No, I’m not going to just say no, and I didn’t last time either.” Here is the president clearly stating his total disregard for our democratic processes. He’s so succumbed into his own narcissism and fascist ideology that he will disregard reality. Look, Trump doesn’t want to lose, he will do anything he can to keep the presidency. He’s already deployed his secret police to silence protestors and red states have already tried their best to deter people from voting. Trump lives in fantasy town, and it’s our duty in November to remind him that no, we don’t want you to represent the people of this country.

If you want to check out some of the other crazy, nonsensical things he said in this interview here is an article that highlights some gems or you can just watch the entire interview which is just such a train wreck that it’s fascinating.


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  • Norm Jul 31ST, 2020

    Sean, as I said in a previous comment to expand your readership with OpEds to major newspapers and getting involved with CNN and MSNBC. I was able to give a suggestion to Chris Cuomo to find criminal attorneys that would find indisputable evidence to arrest Trump for murdering over 150,000 Americans. Something drastic has to be done before the election to derail an evil man.

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