Posted at May 1, 2020

Poetry Nite: “Thrill Run”

Sometimes, we feel like people don’t see us for us.  That they don’t understand why we do what we do.  And a lot of the time, people don’t understand when we are on a run from reality, when we try to escape it, when we seek for thrill and end up running away.  Everyone knows the feeling of getting so caught up in a moment that concludes in taking you down a bad path.  The thrill runs in our lives are only dangerous if we don’t share what we’re going through, if we don’t stop before it’s too late.


“Thrill Run”


Why must you go?  Please don’t leave me.  Without you, I will run.
Give them my name, my face, identity, but away I will still run.
The day took place in a long, dark alley,
No option but one, then fell into a shrill run.
“They won’t understand, you said it yourself
With the blood on your hands, ‘we’re stuck until we run.’”
“Isn’t it about the chase?” you’d said before the search.
Now look at you, dazed, afraid they know about our kill run.
Why do the hard days seem easy now?
Now that we have to escape our thrill run.
The mile we’ve gone, we’ve died, yet lived,
Then the chase pushed us into a spiral run.
Time to face the mountain—they’re here,
They’re coming from below, joining in our hill run.
It’s steep, the chase, but they’ll never have us to take,
Not with our wild steps, not with our skilled run.
I’ll remain wanted, they’ll never understand.  But “Her,”
They said, “we know why she did, if only she’d stopped her ill run.”


Struggles are hard, but seeking help is real.  Don’t get too lost in your escape from reality, in your “ill run.”  They will understand, if only you had stopped the run sooner.  Making mistakes is okay, but keep making them, and they’ll lead you to a dark, dark alley.


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