Posted at June 26, 2020

John Stuart Mill’s “On Liberty” Part 2

The mill is one of the very realistic and bold writers who know how to make certain rules of life and how to stay happy in the hardest of circumstances. He introduces Utilitarianism which is the ethical theory. It prompts actions that maximize the happiness of the people and give them the reason to be happy in their life. These factors of contentment and happiness are certain measure stages.

There is different type of Utilitarianism which has different characterizations, but they all have one objective to maximize utility. It set the standard or is the version of consequentialism which helps to understand that on which standard the actions are right or wrong. It should benefit, bring pleasure, it should prevent all evil or pain. There are average utilitarianism, average utilitarianism, rule utilitarianism. It would rather deal with all sorts of happiness and pleasure. It is the legacy of radicles; he certainly disagreed on certain rules of radicles but worked for the theory of Utilitarianism.

This is a unique concept as it only belongs to the fact that happiness should be the only medium for a person to live his life on his own rules and to achieve all good things in his life one should be happy with his life. It also helps to distinguish which actions or deed are good and beneficial for the person’s well-being, or it is going to hurt them in their lives. This idea develops the sense of making a right or wrong decision in a person’s life and how this is going to benefit them in different ways. 

The mill is a liberal philosopher, and His short treatise Utilitarianism states in the most accessible form the essentials often of the major traditions of ethics and political philosophy. He also defends Individuality as one of the most important elements of well-being. It depends on one’s desire and will how they do and don’t kneel down to others’ ideas of being happy. This mankind is imperfect no one is perfect and beholds different sorts of mysteries within. Mill argues for different experiments in living because all the incidents and issues are normally not based on truth and hold some sort of secrets within. Individuality should assert itself for the betterment of a person and his happiness it should not be associated with the ideas others come up with. It is desirable in things which do not primarily concern others we should retain the feeling of freedom or individuality.


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