Posted at June 30, 2020

John Stuart Mill’s “On Liberty” Part 3

People always set some rules to judge others for their actions and the things they do so it is important that we should maintain that how to stop indifference people’s life from the rules we set for ourselves. People don’t really value the free development of individuality, or individual spontaneity. The mill is deeply inspired by the German Wilhelm Von Humboldt, a strong proponent of liberty and individuality. The main objective of these very influential theories is the end of a person which describes immutable dictates of reason. The basic objective on which all humans should pay their ceaselessly direct his efforts and try to influence other people around them by the positivity and pleasure they feel within and inspire them to feel the individuality of power and development. 

We all fight different battles and live our lives in different hardships and difficulties; Mill has stated that a person should not consider that people should imitate each other or they should not add their own judgment to any of the things they have learned from other the good habits. These are customs are very much customary and are not being followed by everyone at that particular time or incident. Everyone can use them accordingly or apply them according to the situation they are at that point of time, the human faculties of perception, judgment, discriminative feeling, mental activity, and even moral preference, are exercised only in making a choice”

The mill is very critical of those people who just love to imitate others and lose their own individuality or lost their sense of thinking about any certain incident or event. They just imitate others and let the world do the choosing for them. A person’s whole worth as a human is enriched. He should not follow anyone else’s footsteps or ideas and built his own thinking and ideas. The influenced life is not a human is going to live on and lost himself in the crowd. One should be courageous enough to stand out among these and make his own individuality and identity. Live a happy and confined life made by your own rules of happiness. A good impulse and vigor help a human being to make a strong conscience and how to eradicate all the negative impulses. These factors are helpful in making life happier and full of power and individuality. Self- development is the key, and it should make the person more-happier than ever.               


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