Posted at April 26, 2020

Quibi Streaming: Is It Any Good?

So, a few days ago I decided to try Quibi free for 90 days. I’m sure everyone has heard of this new streaming app which just available for mobile devices. There are mixed reviews on the content and the platform. I have no problems with the platform it’s working just fine and the content what I’ve watched so far isn’t horrible, but I also love short films.

Today I watched the first four episodes of “50 States of Fright” which covers the first story. “The Golden Arm” takes place in Michigan and is about a lumberjack and his wife. I won’t go into too much detail since every episode is under ten minutes.

I liked the short film, which is basically what it is broken into parts. I thought it was engaging and I love folk lore, especially local Folk Lore. I was born and raised not too far from Michigan. This is right up my ally I couldn’t not watch the series. There were minimal jump scares which I was happy about. Sometimes they can overdo it with them. I’m going to keep watching the series and the next state is Kansas and is titled “Ball of Twine”.

When I saw this series advertised during one of the ads while I was playing my mobile game. I knew I needed to at least try it for the 90 days. The price for the subscription isn’t bad with ads $4.99 without $7.99. This streaming app isn’t for everyone though. If you like long elaborate shows, then you should probably pass on this. Or you could give it try for the 90 days. Maybe you’ll find out you like short films just as much.

I won’t do to many updates on Quibi since I don’t want to do spoilers of the episodes. I may include a post once a month with what I’ve watched and if I liked it or not and leave it at that.

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