Posted at May 14, 2020

5 Ways to Help Get You Motivated

  1. Find Motivational Quotes Online

You can always find quotes online and post them around your house, as a screen saver to your laptop or desktop, or set up a Pinterest board with all of your favorite ones. Having them surrounding you daily will keep you motivated because you’ll constantly see them, and they’ll get ingrained into your brain. Remember repetition is key.

  1. Read Inspirational Stories

Reading and seeing other people succeed makes us want to do better because we than believe it’s possible for us to succeed as well. It’s strange how our psyche works. We’ve all had that one friend or family member that made us want to do better with our lives because of how well they were doing and what they were accomplishing. Or even people who doubt us can be a strong motivator to prove them wrong (I’d only say this would be a good idea if their family or friends of the family, like your sister’s best friend that sometimes hangs out with you guys).

  1. Check the Company You Keep

Watch who you hang out with. If they don’t support your goals, then they’re an unhealthy relationship and you should think about not hanging out with them anymore. The type of company you keep rubs off on you. If your trying to eat healthier but they say something like one doughnut won’t hurt, that’s hurting your goal. Sometimes you have to cut people out of your life to better yours. This is harder for family and family friends, but you could try to keep contact to a minimum if possible and if you wanted to.

  1. Reward Yourself

Reward yourself when you complete daunting, big tasks, or goals. Just like in video games when you complete tasks you get badges of achievements. Find what you’d like to reward yourself with it could be an extra 15 minutes of reading for the week, going out to your favorite restaurant, or buying a new pair of shoes. Whatever fits with your budget and lifestyle. You could also have smaller rewards for smaller or short-term goals and for bigger or larger goals you could reward yourself with something larger or expensive.

  1. Set Goals

Start by daydreaming of where you want to be next year. After that write down the goal and vision. Once that is done write down the steps you need to take and by when you want to accomplish them. Reward yourself once you have completed one of the small goals.

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