Posted at May 10, 2020

Mother’s Day Tips and Tricks: Keep your Mother Happy While in Quarantine!

Happy Mothers Day to you all. Guess what? We are all still stuck at home, some of us unable to even go to our mothers to show how much we appreciate them bringing us into this fun and vibrant world. You may be wondering what you could do that is so special to your mother that she will love it, especially during this time of self-isolation and quarantine. I’ll give you a hint. She will love you no matter what you do. But why not take the time out of your day to make this Mother’s Day extra special, just for her. You have plenty of time anyway. So let me go ahead and share with you a few tips:




If you can visit her, decorate the outside of her home.




I did acquire some inspiration online to help with my ideas and frankly, who doesn’t use the internet to help them with research? If you can visit your mother’s home, and you can stand outside, surprise her with a message on her front yard, like a heart with a message made out of chalk or something easily removable. Or maybe you can give her a special “Mothers Day” wreath and hang it on her door. then when the time comes for her to go outside, be it for exercise or whatnot, you can tell her to look back at her door to see the wreath and know that it was from you. Now some of us cannot hug our moms and spend the entire day with her, but that doesn’t stop us from creating ways of showing our love.




Spend time with her online.




This one should be obvious, but we can use Zoom or Google Meets to talk with our mothers. I use Messenger on Facebook to talk to mine practically every single day. We are separated by thousands of miles so I can’t be there to shower her with affection and appreciation, but just talking to her, showing my face and smiling at her, wishing her a “Happy Mothers Day” from the bottom of my heart is more than enough.




Get her tickets to an amusement park, when everything opens up again.




My father had this strategy down. My family and I have this group chat and whenever someone posts something on there, we all get the same message. Apparently, my dad found a way to gift my mom tickets to Disneyland when it opens back up. I didn’t think there was a solution to that problem, given how ALL of the amusement parks have closed, but it seems that a little searching is able to turn the tides.




Sign her up for an extracurricular activity online, or a virtual get-together.




This idea was courtesy of an article by Erin Jensen, titled “Mothers Day: 5 ways to make Mom feel special…” With the fantastic resource of the internet, tons of possibilities are now open to us. We are using that resource for much more nowadays. It is almost single-handedly the only way we are keeping in contact with everyone, so why not use it to your advantage? Erin Jensen wrote that one of her ideas for an amazing Mother’s Day celebration is to “live-stream a painting class”. I have friends who paint for a living and they are doing the exact same thing: live-streaming paintings. I think that it is an amazing idea! Because, not only does it help the artists with their art businesses, but it keeps the joy of seeing art galleries and very rarely, we now get the opportunity to tune in live to see how the paintings are created. Not just a video, an ACTUAL SHOW. How cool is that?!



Get her a funny E-Card.




I made use of this idea last night. I was on the web searching for the best ways to give my mother a great present. Then I stumbled onto this little funny website called jibjab.com. It has LOADS of cards, whether for special occasions or for holidays, they have cards for pretty much everything! The funniest thing to is that you can submit a photo of a person and have it appear on that card. I found a REALLY funny one for my mother that I think she will both laugh and love at the same time.




Tell her how much you love her.




All else fails and you can’t come up with an idea, you should be ashamed. I am joking. Honestly, don’t worry about it too much. It is not like you need to plan this extravagant event to show how much you love your mother. An honest to goodness message from you telling her your love and appreciation is plenty. Remember, it is the “thought that counts” in the end. Mother’s aren’t looking for an over-the-top celebration, they just want to feel loved by their sons or daughters. That is all they want. You should give them that. It doesn’t have to be tickets to a spa treatment; it doesn’t have to be tickets to a park; it doesn’t have to be a live-stream event or even an E-card. All that really matters is what you feel is deserving of your mother that you want to give her. To make her feel loved, to make her feel appreciated, to make her feel wanted. I’m giving her that E-card because I know she will love it because that is how I feel in my heart. That’s all this special day is about. Remember that okay?




I hope these sparked a few ideas in your brains. Have a happy Mother’s Day. Until next time!




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