Posted at April 25, 2020

Recipes for success? Here’s 100 ingredients from accomplished people

“100 Recipes of Success From Scratch” Guideline to New Business Owners – even after COVID-19

In May of 2020, NGO Earth Agent will release Part 1 of a business book on Amazon Kindle called “100 Recipes of Success from Scratch”. It will emphasize the Accomplishments of Word Business Learning and teaching readers how to render the same accomplishments.

Business owners and entrepreneurs of all ranks and fields put their input into the 100 unique narratives and examples of success stories in NGO Earth Agents upcoming book including CEO’s, Doctors, Presidents, Lawyers, and more from well known companies including LA’s number 1 law form. The individuals who graciously shared their stories are pillars of success and tried to the best of their ability to give insight into their mindset and tactics when it comes to building a career and lifestyle, even when starting from nothing.

Many people have staggering ideas. Entrepreneurs have the inept ability to visualize the future and bring it to life. Business owners have a natural aptitude toward leadership. What happens at times is that these ideas and these leadership skills do not always translate into real world success and very small things differentiate those who succeed from those who do not. This book gives tangible ways to cross over into the positive side of the spectrum.

Though the stories in the book are unique, one thing all of these successful people have in common is their, “No excuses” state of mind. People from all walks of life got their hands on the book and had inspirational input. A surprisingly high amount of people in the book were not born as heirs/heiresses to major companies. Some of these people came from impoverished upbringings, battled abuse, and battled the mental torture that classism can put into someone trying to become greater than what they have been given.

The book is a very inspirational one. In an age of where young adults and even children have more opportunities to brand themselves and run business, this book is a must-read in every way. Readers will finish the book enlightened and it is not a grueling read. Since it is real world issues from real people, the excerpts feel very interactive and almost as if they are speaking to you directly. The book isn’t only to be read by aspiring business owners, but it teaches valuable lessons that will aid you in any walk of life. Be the best you can be regardless of what it is that you do and control your own destiny.


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