Posted at April 21, 2020

Amber B’s Publications

Publications for Amber Brandau and Their Pen Name:

     You can also support me through buying my self-published books and visiting my literary magazine publications. I will be posting updates when more of my stuff has been published.  You can always reach me on here to leave feedback on my work, leave reviews on amazon, or through the literary magazines if they allow it on their websites. Happy reading and keep an eye out for my first story and poem that will be published on here.

Amber Brandau:

Room 114, (Down in the Dirt), 3/29/2020 (online magazine), 9/01/2020 (print Journal)

(Find my name and click on it and you will see my list of publications through Scars Publications)

My Time, Entropy Squared, 03/09/2020 (online magazine)


Blair Nightengale (pen name):

The Mean Girl’s Ghost: A Short romantic Read (Amazon Exclusive)

Story Of A Girl: A Poetry Book Of Sorrow (Amazon Exclusive)

Poems: From The Soul (Amazon Exclusive)

Heaviness Of The Heart: A Poetry Collection, Amazon Exclusive

Poetic Words: A Poetry Collection (Blair Nightengale’s Poetry Collection Vol. 1) (Amazon Exclusive)

Flash Fiction Horror: A collection of horror flash fiction in 1,000 words or less (Amazon Exclusive)

Poems of a Broken Soul (Amazon Exclusive)

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