Posted at May 25, 2020

Ideas for Life After Quarantine

I’m bored.
I’ve been stuck in my house, barely going outside to even smell the fresh air except whenever I needed to stuff my face with junk food. My eyes have begun to also glue to my laptop screen a lot more than usual. Work resumes on Wednesday so getting out of this slump is going to be a lot sooner than imagined. I’ll be meeting people again, but behind a screen shield equipped with a mask and a pair of latex gloves. But you know what got me thinking? Why not think about the future? Why not think about the things you could do? We all have so much time on our hands now! Instead of just waiting for this virus to be over, you could be investing in something completely different! Your dreams! What I mean is that you should start thinking about a list of all the things you would want to do once you’re out of quarantine; A Post-Coronavirus Bucket List.
Bucket lists are a fantastic way to show yourself and the ones you share with what you want to do before you pass on. They are the goals that can excite you, motivate you, and encourage you to reach for so you will have the ability to say to yourself “I DID THIS!” I thin some of us already have a few ideas cooking in our minds. It just feels great to accomplish something, like completing a paper and turning it in to find out you got an A+. So, why not make a list of those things you want to accomplish that make you feel the same way? To get that excitement, that happiness flowing through you! More than that, it gets your brain to build up your creativity skill. So far, no downsides at all! To help with that brainstorming, here are some ideas to get your brain thinking about what to put on your bucket list. This list isn’t exactly what you call a “real” bucket list because its concepts are derived from our lives in quarantine and what we want to do when we get out into the world again. So, by that I don’t really mean items like touring around the world because that is almost on EVERYONE’S bucket list. Some of these ideas were provided by a few local friends of mine:
Go to the beach.
Hug everyone.
Get a major haircut and/or change your look completely.
Go to concerts and recitals, museums as well as theaters.
Sing with friends in-person and not maintaining a 6-foot distance.
Visit the Oregon Garden.
Throw a pool party with tons of food, also not maintaining a 6-foot distance.
Visit family (I am sure you know the rest of this one).
Pick up a hobby.
Go to Channel Islands.
Write a book, script, or musical about your previous life in quarantine.
Do a street performance.
Try out something new that you haven’t before.

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