Posted at May 6, 2020

Nintendo Switch: A Hot Commodity/Animal Crossing

While most of us are still in the stay-at-home order, or some restrictions are slowly lifting, Nintendo Switch has been a hot item to purchase.

Actually, it’s been an item on the hunt!

If you’re planning to shop for one of these online at any retail place, expect for them to say “one in stock” or “out of stock”.

Just like playground sets that selling out faster than a speed of light, due to public playgrounds being closed due to COVID-19, the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite have been hard to come across. But you can’t blame the Nintendo company though, well maybe in some retrospect, because they need to produce more, I can definitely see why it has become popular.

Being that Nintendo has been around for as long as my age (that I won’t reveal, ha ha), it’s basically nostalgia for the older Millennials, whom have witnessed the evolution of Nintendo and their games. Mario has been in the homes of many kids and future gamers that would turn to Channel 3 to play for hours.

Now, that so much has advanced, and a diverse selection of games have become a part of the Nintendo family, it’s all compacted into the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. One game in particular that has been getting positive reviews, is Animal Crossing. This game in particular has been around; however, it’s the Animal Crossing: New Horizons that has been getting much attention.

According to “Game Informer” Magazine, Jeff Cork stated that “New Horizons has a lot to see and do, and much of the joy comes from discovering it on your own”. Indeed, it’s very exciting. Once I finally hopped on the Animal Crossing wave, I immediately loved it. Although there’s still a lot to unravel and discover, it’s still exciting and fun!

The game is basically like you’re virtually going to an island to rebuild it and make it your own, with animal friends. The elements are based off real time zone, where you reside. Be careful of the wasp nest though, because I shook a tree and my little avatar got banged up. She’s good now though, because an animal friend helped her with a recipe to make the medicine. There’s always a task and quest you have to fulfill, while enjoying your time away on whatever island you named it.

During times like we’re in now, it’s nice to have something like New Horizons to escape reality. Since traveling is still leery in our world, you can travel to the virtual island, with the help of Timmy, Tommy, and Tom Nook, the one who has arranged all of this for you. Possibly this game can help you with survival skills as well. Perhaps? Can never be too prepared.

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons has something new to experience every day, and, best of all, it’s built on a foundation of joy and earnestness that’s all too rare,” said Cork.

Still don’t have the Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite yet? Continue to be on the hunt for it, and when you come across one, be sure to get with no hesitations! You won’t be disappointed it, whether you’re playing Animal Crossing, Mario Kart or any other Nintendo games. It will definitely occupy your time while we’re continuing to deal with this unprecedented time.

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