Posted at May 30, 2020

The Lesson

My father told me that I’m way too nice. I compliment people, I help them, I make them happy as best as I can do. However, some of those people don’t feel the same way. They resort to other methods that are horrible in comparison. People lash out,  they threaten one another,  yell or scream, and they want to keep themselves at the top. Because they are afraid of being discriminated against. Like a high school bully, once it happens, it makes your whole life change. It makes you depressed and changes your personality. You could’ve been someone who was very cheerful and happy, but when that encounter happened that dragged you down to the lowest depth possible. It hurts you, it breaks you. This is no different. We lash out because we want to protect ourselves from others and want to stay at the top because we want to feel right and we want to control. It doesn’t make a lick of sense. We are all the same species, why do we have to lash out at each other? that question has been one of the most difficult questions I have yet to solve because we are all different. We grew up in different environments, different parents, different lifestyles. None of us are the same! But isn’t that great? You are your own person, but you don’t have to drag others to prove that you’re better than them. Have compassion, have empathy for one another. We all live on the same planet, and we are all in this together. Teaching kindness would be one of the first steps to stop this problem. I had an issue yesterday at my job, I was talking with this woman and she told me that the “Chinese should die off because of it’s their problem for this virus”! Can you believe it?? That is wrong in so many ways. She used her fear to lash out at who she thinks is responsible, but really, the ones at fault are the ones doing everything they can to keep their golden pedestal of social hierarchy.  Those people don’t show the empathy needed for the ones in need, the ones in helplessness. Even after this virus is over, that opinion will probably never change for those kinds of people, but if we can teach them, the ones who hold themselves so high and mighty, to come down from their golden pedestal, then the world would be a much better place. That’s why my dad told me to never lose that “kindness” he gave me, to keep it close the kindness he taught me; the kindness that made me a better person, that made me feel compassion and empathy. To be honest, the only person I ever lash out on is myself, never another human being. And even if I do lash out to someone for no reason, I know its not their fault, but mine. I’m afraid of being wrong, of being weak, of being helpless, and yeah if someone tells me so, I might lose it and punch someone in the face. However, even if I do feel this way, I still serve people with a smile and help, because it’s really the ones who lash out who feel the most alone, who feel the weakest. That is what we need to do to help support these people, to help them feel compassion; to help them care for others other than themselves, so that they, in turn, can feel the same way.


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