Posted at April 22, 2020

What She Said

What She Said

She said it’s not how you satisfy a man it’s how you soothe him. She said it’s not how you extort sympathy it’s how you snarl when it comes. She said it’s family business and I shivered. I wanted to tell her it isn’t the bed it’s the sheets like snakeskin shed. Instead I said it’s not me it’s my subconscious. And she was all like I understand I really do but I’m going to shoot you dead now. I replied it’s not like I don’t get it I get it but do you really have to and then on went the television and suddenly the cat’s cradle hung limp in my hands. I’ll tell you she said everything is Christmas and blood all gifts and stitches and me a pinecone shoved brutally into a snowbank. I didn’t get it I still don’t.

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