Posted at October 13, 2020

Republicans 5-Chess Their Claims of Voter Fraud by Committing Election Fraud

This week in California, the community discovered ballot drop-off boxes littered around the counties that turned out to be fraudulent. The boxes (found within Los Angeles, Orange County, and Fresno county) were purposely placed by the California GOP. The party admitted to distributing over 50 of these “official” drop boxes for mail-in ballots. These boxes are fake; they are meant to strip away your rights as a U.S. citizen and to take away your vote in an increasingly important election.

Creating an illegal polling site is a felony in California and every other state, and for the Republican party, who are irrelevant in California, to so openly admit to election fraud is absurd. The past months have seen the two parties fervently fight over voting rights in the coming election demonstrates the divide our nation is experiencing. Democrats want everyone to exercise their rights, and the more people who vote, the better the odds are for the Democratic party. On the other hand, Republicans are trying their hardest to suppress the vote, or even deem certain aspects as unconstitutional as to swing the election in their favor.

These boxes have been spotted at churches, gun shops, and mostly red districts. Ballot boxes are overseen by county elections officials, specifically choosing their locations, number, hours of operation, etc. County registrars are also tasked with making sure these boxes strictly follow their state laws. This includes the security of ballots, with a clear way to trace back where the ballots are coming from. The boxes placed by the Republican party do not follow this. What they are doing is a felony. Not only is it a felony, but it is also further suppressing and displaying doubt on the voting process.

This is their goal. To display that voter fraud is real, the Republican party committed election fraud. No matter how much the party harps on it, voter fraud is a myth. It is so uncommon that it can be written off as a statistical probability. The Republican party does not care. Their goal is to make sure that the election process will be contested. They cannot win a fair election, so they will lie and cheat their way into power. With the executive branch and red states contesting the constitutionality of mail-in voting, they are setting up the precedent that those ballots are illegitimate, and therefore cannot be counted. Republicans win when no one votes, Democrats win when people can vote.

This election is monumental. It is boiling down to a fight between democracy and fascism. It is your right to be able and vote, do not let the Republican party trick you into believing your vote doesn’t matter; it does. The Republican party has chosen its deathbed. They are fully willing to dismiss democracy if it means they remain in power. Go out and vote, and when you do make sure to do it at an official polling place or dropping off your ballot at an official dropbox. You can track your ballot online to see if your ballot is counted. Make sure that your vote counts and truly question why one party is so adamant that as few as people vote during this election.


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