Posted at May 9, 2020

All-time Classic Movie Dr. Strangelove Review

The movie revolves around the fear of Americans regarding the nuclear war between Russia and the USA back in the ’60s, these fears being presented in satirical ways. The plot is about the mentally unstable American General Jack D. Ripper, who ordered the Air force to attack Russia without consulting the President of the country. The movie reflects on the paranoia of Americans regarding the nuclear war and how the country is going insane by thinking about the war.  

General Ripper was paranoid, and he developed a conspiracy theory that Russia was involved in the fluoridation of the U.S water supplies and he had planned missile attack on Russia as a result of this action. When United States officials knew about the plans of Ripper, they informed the Russian ambassador about the actions and offered to help Russia in dealing with this crisis. The aircraft that were sent to Russia for airstrike can only communicate to General Ripper, and thus, attacks were inevitable. The Russian ambassador informs the President that Russia has developed a powerful machine called Doomsday machine that would become active if any nuclear weapons hit Russia. The result would be the explosion of several bombs at the same time and result in the annihilation of the human race from the planet. 

Jack D. Ripper was in charge of nuclear weapons. The power to use nuclear weapons is given to the American soldiers, and in case, President cannot be reached, American soldiers can make decisions regarding the use of nuclear weapons. This led to many apprehensions that how the can President give the right to use such deadly weapons to someone else. Also, serious concerns were that if the person who is responsible for using the weapons is mentally unstable, will he use the weapons sensibly or not. 

 The movie is unique in a way that no one was able to save themselves from the harmful bombs that were once created for their safety. The movie represents the views of sensible people who remained worries regarding the safety of nuclear weapons and how the misuse of these weapons can lead to the destruction of the whole world. The people who are responsible for the safety of the weapons may be the one who can become the cause of the destruction of the whole world. The movie raised serious concerns in a satirical way that the superpowers who are in a constant race with each other in the development of nuclear weapons can become victims due to some insane person. The whole world can be destroyed due to the insensible actions of a single person.  

The movie also sheds light on the fact that instead of making the world a safe place for superpowers, these weapons became the cause of extinction of the human race. Also, along with the superpowers Russia and the United States, other peaceful countries who were not involved in any conflict became dead. The movie was brutal in informing the country about the aftereffects of a nuclear war. This includes those people who felt pride in their nuclear weapons and also those who favored war at all platforms to prove the supremacy of the United States. This movie raised concerns about the power regarding the use of weapons by the army without consulting the President, it was regarded as propaganda of Russians to demotivate the nation. Pentagon has been very serious about these issues, as a small mistake from any soldier can result in the death of millions. 

The main focus of the movie is the theory of Mutual Assured Destruction, which focus on the destruction of both sides that are involved in military conflict. The theory focuses on the nuclear powers that have accumulated nuclear weapons, and in case of an attack from one side, the other side would retaliate, and the result would be the annihilation of both sides. The doomsday machine that is used by Russia in the movie showed the missile gap theory of the United States, as people of the U.S feel that they are inferior concerning Russia. The proponents of the MAD theory suggests that no mineshaft should be built beforehand, before the destruction, as it destroys the concept of destruction. The movie made fun of this concept and showed that no one would be alive if an insane person tried to blew the world. 

Political violence refers to the violence of one country against other countries for gaining political benefits.  The movie focus on the political violence of two superpowers Russia and the United States, against each other, and the safety of the whole world was at stake due to this. The movie made fun of the fact that instead of protecting the earth and its inhabitants, nuclear weapons will become the cause of the death of billions of innocent lives. The movie also sheds light on how one unstable person can result in the death of millions. Thus there should be a ban on the development of deadly weapons in the whole world. 

The movie is very significant in raising concerns about political violence and how these nuclear weapons can result in World War 3. The presence of deathly weapons will result in the death of every single living being from the planet, and this could all start with a single button. The movie explained the inability of the people to understand that the accumulation and development of nuclear weapons are of no use for the world. Rather the resources spent on such weapons should be spent on the welfare of the public. The characters of the movie showed clearly that a nuclear war would be inevitable if a mentally unstable person or war hero came in power as President or army personnel. The film illustrates how political violence should be avoided at all costs and how countries should act sensibly in matters of war and political conflicts. 


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