Posted at May 14, 2020

Being 21 on Tik Tok

This is a topic I feel needs to be discussed. Most of us have been staying home now for two months and have found different ways to stay entertained, one popular way, for me, is the app Tik Tok. I, myself, have been a fan of Tik Tok since October 2019. I don’t post Tik Toks, just scroll and like.

Since we’ve been stuck at home and have run out of things to do, I have found myself being absorbed into the app. With a dramatic increase of time spent on Tik Tok, I now feel the need to address being a 21-year-old on the app.

I have to say, a majority of the videos make me laugh and the dancing trends are fun to watch. The app definitely brings people together through story times and similar situations being stuck at home. I’ve found that my ‘For You Page’ is usually full of popular videos (averaging about 500 thousand likes) and people who are around my same age. Occasionally, there is the one video that finds its way in…

As a 21-year-old, I do not want to see a 16-year-old boy grinding on my screen. I am on Tik Tok to laugh and relate, not to see a boy trying to seduce the camera. Or the videos when it’s a ‘Point of View’ and they’re biting their lip and looking the camera up and down… why? I sit there in question.

Here I am, scrolling through my feed and all of a sudden, a cute boy shows up, maybe playing football or running. I click on his profile to immediately see ‘16’ in his bio, I exit quickly. I am then left sitting there thinking to myself, “how did I end up here?” or, “is this legal?”

I know I am not the only one finding themselves in this situation. People have made videos about the same feeling or actually making fun of the boys.  It makes me feel better knowing I am not alone. Looking at the situation, it’s actual pretty comical.


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