Posted at May 15, 2020

Quarantine Binge List

We are deep in this quarantine and have probably done just about every puzzle out there and you may have already burned out on that new hobby you picked up. Well, I come to you with suggestions of TV series that you may not have gotten to yet.

First and foremost, Schitt’s Creek. If you are in the mood to laugh this one is for you. The show ranges in humor from sarcasm to gestures and mannerisms to awkward situations that you can’t help but laugh at. Each character is so well-defined that you can’t pick a favorite. The show has six seasons and each episode is a little bit longer than 20 minutes with about 14 episodes in each season. I get so into an episode sometimes that when it’s over, it feels as though only five minutes have gone by and I’ve been robbed. Watching Schitt’s Creek has also made me want to mirror some of my humor after the characters; David’s priceless facial expressions, Moira’s inflection in her voice and Alexis’s hand movements. I will give one spoiler and that is that the show is about a rich family that loses all their money and has to live in a motel in a town known as Schitt’s Creek. If this seems up your alley, I highly recommend.

Next, New Girl. This show is one of my all-time favorites, I have watched it two times through. This is another comedy with seven seasons, each season containing at least 20 episodes with the exception of season 7. There is a lot of show to watch, but very worth it. Every character has their own sense of humor, some may get on your nerves and others you might love. The show does a good job of carrying story lines through to new episodes while also making sure time passes and adding new content. Personally, Schmidt is my favorite and Jess can get on my nerves occasionally, but overall, it’s a great show.

Finally, All American. I was hesitant at first because I saw all the hype and bits and pieces and it seemed like the stereotypical high school football plot, well I was wrong. The moment I started watching I was hooked. It’s a drama series that follows Spencer James, a football player that transfers from South Crenshaw High School to Beverly Hills.  There are two seasons at the moment, 16 episodes each season and each one is a little longer than 40 minutes. It is a time commitment, but worth it because it was just renewed for a third season. The reason this show is so good is because of all the layers it has and how each character develops themselves. You get insight into each character’s life which allows different plots to form such as Spencer’s journey with his dad or Coop’s involvement with gangs. This show is definitely a good quarantine binge.

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