Posted at September 9, 2020

Qualities of a Good Argument II

The second quality of a good argument is that, it is based on the information that is valid, accurate and most importantly, relevant. The relevant information supports the argument to counter the opposite views and to present the convincing ideas, so that the conclusion can be accepted.  In essay four, I wrote, “However, according to Kotler, scientific observation has proved that heightened senses to survive and hyper focus by athletes in extreme sports enable them to achieve great feats and win games.” Relevant information here means such facts, which are valid or proven facts. More significantly, if within an argument, some stats, figures or the real-life data is added, the argument becomes stronger and easier to be defended. In short, the addition of relevant information is one of the attributes which differentiates a good argument from the bad argument within an essay.  

 The third and the most important quality of a good argument, is about being logically valid. Any argument that is logical and make sense to the audience or the readers becomes easily acceptable, which ultimately creates a gateway towards the acceptance of the conclusion. In essay two I wrote, The perfect examples of this would be an image of Jesus Christ or Maria, mother of Christ, or Plato. In this similar perspective, human beings can assume the true nature of existence even when they are unclear. In reality, no one living has ever seen these people, but because of their images, people can appreciate and worship them.” The argument’s validity doesn’t get affected even if any of the premises is false, but it is also the fact that the false premises can affect the acceptance of the conclusion. So, we can say that along with the validity of the argument, the premise should also be correct. If both the attributes occur at the same time, i.e. the argument validity and the true premise, the argument within an essay becomes exceptionally good.  

There are various qualities of a good argument within an essay; however, the most significant among those are three, i.e. premises to be true, having the relevant and valid information, and the attribute of an argument to be logically valid and correct. If any writer keeps the mentioned qualities in view while presenting the arguments within the easy, it becomes sure that he will be able to generate some good arguments and the audience will definitely accept the conclusion of the essay. 


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