Posted at September 10, 2020

Service Learning and Political Science

The world is a place that is full of the advantaged and the disadvantaged. In this case, the advantaged are those capable of fulfilling their needs while the disadvantaged are those unable to fulfil their needs. For the case of the advantaged like the rich and those from well to do families, may not need the help of any person since they can hire the services they want. However, the disadvantaged we considered the poor, the elderly, the homeless as well as animals.

The only hope for the disadvantaged lies on the hands of the volunteers who help them in several ways. For example, volunteers can offer the homeless shelter, clean homeless shelters, take care of the elders and help walk animals in the case for volunteering in the animal shelter. These services according to political science have to be offered by the government. In this essay, I am going to detail my experience as a community volunteer for twenty hours working in homeless shelter and an animal shelter. I will also give a detailed explanation of how the experiences I gained, are tied to political science.  

During my twentyhour serving as a volunteer, I worked in two different places where I managed to gain different experiences. While working at a homeless shelter, my first experience was how to communicate with people in the shelter. From the experience I got, many of the occupants of this shelter are traumatized and need a soft-spoken volunteer. They are very high tempered that as a volunteer there is the need to be very inclusive and a good listener.

Political science is a social science that deals with the state, governance systems and the analysis of activities of a political nature, political behavior and political thoughts. Political science greatly needs the experiences of being a good communicator. This experience ties to political science because there is a need to communicate with the people while assessing the governance systems. As well, good communication is needed while handling different political documents. For example, one has to have good communication skills to learn how and urge and listen in the case of a political matter.     



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