Posted at September 16, 2020

Whistleblower Reveals How ICE Are Committing An Act of Genocide On Its Imprisoned Population

A whistleblower report detailing the inhuman conditions of one ICE detainment facility in which forced sterilizations were taking place came to light recently. The whistleblower, a nurse working at the facility, alleged that a high rate of hysterectomies among women had taken place within the facility and that the women were unaware of what had been done to them. Irwin county detention center, run by LaSalle Corrections (a private company), holds upwards of 1,000 individuals in the state of Georgia. There are facilities across the nation that houses detainees that crossed the border illegally, with the most infamous being the deliberate separation of parents from their children, and those children thrown into cages. There are thousands of immigrants held against their will in literal concentration camps.

Dawn Wooten blew the whistle after being stationed at the facility and witnessing the crimes there. A nurse for over ten years, she filed a complaint that accuses the center of neglect, including poor safety precautions surrounding COVID-19 along with generally unsanitary and hazardous living situations. The facility has no social distancing rules with many centers deliberately misinforming agencies on their total infected rate within the facility. Many who do get coronavirus are left untreated; also, sexual assault is commonplace within these facilities.

This is Eugenics. It’s as plain and simple as that. To force sterilization on someone, especially a person detained against their will and their rights taken away, it is inhuman. The depravity of this facility and those enabling such a blatant disregard for human life should be tried for their crimes against humanity. The United Nations classifies this act as genocide stating, “(to) impose measures intended to prevent births within the group”.

The U.S. has had a long and bloody history with Eugenics, and unfortunately, it still carries on to this day. Efforts to sterilize women of color and indigenous groups were so widespread that Hitler and the Nazis got the idea of Eugenics from Americans. In Mein Kampf, Hitler states, “There is today one state, in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception (of immigration) are noticeable. Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but the United States.” Hitler wanted to wrap his rampant Anti-Semitism and general hatred of all “non-Aryans” in a pseudoscientific veil to draw in the less fanatical to his future regime. Eugenics wasn’t the end of course, and the Holocaust is the worst crime against humanity committed. So why is a detention center openly committing genocide within our own borders?

How have we dissolved ourselves to the point where we openly allow an administration to enact concentration camps for illegal immigrants? This is the beginning of a purge, to get rid of “undesirables” as the ruling party ordains them as such. All we’re missing at this point is some chic Hugo Boss uniforms to further emulate Nazi Germany. This is an open attack on humanity. We cannot let those who sit by and those who openly embrace genocide to lead this country. If they do, our descent into fascism is almost a certainty at this point. Again, Eugenics is just the start. A regime will not be satiated in their bloodlust with just coerced sterilization. Abolish ICE and convict anyone who knowingly committed these atrocities.



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