Attention Writers!!!!

1. We have our first major project, "Oriental Exorcist Spiritual Project!"

We are collaborating with REAL exorcist to attract more audience to Hit Hollywood. 

Part 1: We will be Interviewing & Writing a book about the exorcist “Ryukei Tenmyo”, his background, who he is, what kind of power he has, what he has actually done to slay demons, how he wants to prove his power by science, what is his goal in the future, etc. 

Part 2: We will be doing science experiments on him and his power by using thermography and other methods to see what exactly is happening to a human’s body or anything that he sends “qi” to. And we will be putting all the result into a book.

*He has 20k subscribers on YouTube and last spiritual book he published was ranked #1 in Amazon, Spiritual Category in Japan! (3)

2. We will be publishing 4 more short books meanwhile.

This is similar to part 1, yet, much shorter version. Please treat these as writing assessments and practice for the part 1. Be creative as possible for readers!

  1. You will be listening to an audio file (approx. 1hr) about a person’s life. Utilize your creative writing skills to put it into one story. No strict requirements, such as word counts or format of the writings. Just have fun and make the story enjoyable and readable to the audience. 
  2. If you get selected (which is very likely), please complete the final draft and submit. The book will be a bundle of all the stories selected.

3. Translating #1 Spiritual book on Amazon Japan

The exorcist has published a book about him and his spiritual power on Amazon, Japan and has ranked #1 in the spiritual category. We will be translating the book into English and publish the book. 

1. Translators will be translating everything into English

2. We edit the contents to make it make more sense 

3. Put it into a creative writing form for a better reading experience

Strategy & Plans for Future

Due to COVID-19, the United States is currently experiencing the highest unemployment rate. Our goal for Hit Hollywood is to make enough profits to share decent to enough living expenses to all the contributors and official HH Writers. To do so, here are the plans:

  1.  We complete the projects above – We get to publish 7 books which gives CREDIT to Hit Hollywood and all the writers. (No blog websites publish many books)
  2. Every book published, we will go ahead and write 5-star reviews so that there will be higher chance for the books to be reached out to the audience, which results in more sales of the books.
  3. 50% of the profit will be shared among direct contributors such as writers & editors. The rest 50% will be put into the HH Official Writers Pool to share. This applies to all the books published under Hit Hollywood. TEAM WORK!!
  4. While publishing books, we have the copyright to whatever we write, meaning that feel free to post anything you wrote for books on Hit Hollywood!
  5. There are great posts on Hit Hollywood. Once in a while, we put several posts together into one book and publish it on Amazon.
  6. In one month, we will start writing screen plays and the screen plays will be literally pitched to Netflix. (We hired a few literally agents)
  7. Last & Least, bring more traffic onto Hit Hollywood! We got a dozen of influencers to advertise Hit Hollywood 🙂

Schedule & Specific Directions!

1. Spiritual Project

The book will be published on June 20th, 2020

Skype Meeting will be held with the exorcist and you will be able to ask any questions as you want:

From 6pm-7pm on 

5/12 & 5/14

The exorcist will show you his power by using water, salt, etc. 

We will be creating a skype group chat for this project with all the writers are in. Please create a skype account if you do not have one yet.

You are not required to attend this meeting, yet, this should give you better understanding of who he is and what the power is like. After all, we will enjoy this project! It will be a big hit!

2. 4 Short Books

*Please complete this BEFORE 1. Spiritual Project.

4 audio clips of one hour interview of a person’s and the person’s life story will be available on 5/12.

The audio files will be available on Google Drive.

Please find your time to work on it as a writing skill assessment. Please complete all 4 ASAP. It will be due in 2 weeks on 6/18. If selected, final draft will be due on 6/24. The books will be published on 6/31 or sooner preferably to get them out of the way.

3. Translating the book

Translators are currently working on the translation. Once it is fully translated into English, editors will begin editing the book. 

3 Steps:

1. Translation – ~5/31

2. Editing/Creative Writing – 6/1~6/15

3. Format – 6/15~6/19

4. Publishing on 6/20

All the works will be done on Google Docs, shared Docs.

Now Please Sign the contract & complete the Google Form. You will receive a call upon completing the followings(both Contract & Form):

Official HH Writer Contract

(Click here to Download)


This Official HH Writer Contract, the “contract”, is entered into as of 5/9/2020 by and between NGO Earth Agent, the “Publisher”, and

                                   , the “Author”. This publishing contract governs the publication of 1.Oriental Exorcist Spiritual Project, 2.4 short story books, 3. Translation of Spiritual Book, and any books that will be published under Hit Hollywood as well as articles posted and published on The works include writing and editing the articles on Hit Hollywood, projects, 5-star reviews on Amazon, Press Releases, and anything else to market Hit Hollywood.

Author Compensation

In consideration for the duties performed hereunder, the Author shall be entitled to a certain percentage of the profits earned to the Official HH Writers Department in where the Author is. The percentage will be determined by the CONTRIBUTION to Hit Hollywood, such as the number of quality posts published on, 5-star reviews on Amazon, Press Releases etc..

Revenue for Hit Hollywood Include Advertisement on Hit Hollywood, Donations made on Hit Hollywood,  and 50% profit of any books published under Hit Hollywood.

For any written projects to be published on Amazon, 50% of the profit/royalty goes to the direct contributors of the project, and the other 50% will be entered into the Hit Hollywood’s revenue pool. The distribution of percentages among roles will vary for each project. It will be indicated in the project notes.

For the following project, the distribution of the percentages among roles will be the following:

1.Oriental Exorcist Spiritual Project will be: 50% Hit Hollywood revenue pool; 30% writers; 20% editors(including format, pictures etc.).

2.4 short story books: 50% Hit Hollywood revenue pool; 40% writers; 10% editors.

3. Translation of Spiritual Book: 50% Hit Hollywood revenue pool; 25% writers; 20% translators; 5% editors.

Author and every single HH Official Writer Team Member will be receiving credits on any books published under Hit Hollywood.

Grant of Rights

The Author grants the Publisher full right and title to the following, in perpetuity:

  • The right to publish, sell, and profit from the listed works in all languages and formats in existence today and at any point in the future. In case of any use of your work outside of “Hit Hollywood” and “NGO Earth Agent,” such as publishing the ebook on Amazon Kindle, the profit will be shared between the Publisher and Author at the ratio of 1:1, meaning that the direct contributors of the published book will receive 50% share of profit and royalty, and the other 50% will be entered into Hit Hollywood Revenue Pool to be shared among HH Official Writers.
  • To create or devise modified, abridged, or derivative works based on the works listed.
  • To allow others to use the works at their discretion, without providing additional compensation to the Author.

These rights are granted by the Author on behalf of him/herself and their successors, heirs, executors, and any other party who may attempt to lay claim to these rights at any point now or in the future.

Any rights not granted to the Publisher above remain with the Author.

The rights granted to the Publisher by the Author shall not be constrained by geographic territories and are considered global in nature.


Project 1., the Author agrees to deliver completed book of spiritualism by 6/15 and the editor agrees to publish the book on Amazon by 6/20.

Project 2., the Author agrees to deliver 4 short books (draft) by 5/18, final draft by 5/24.

Project 3. the Translators agrees to deliver translated manuscript by 5/16, Author agrees to deliver the completed draft by 5/31 to be published on 6/4.

The Manuscript may be delivered via Google Drive, Email or any other forms. Should the Publisher deem any delivered material to be unacceptable for any reason, the Author shall be granted a period of time (to be determined by the Publisher) to correct such defects. If the Author fails to correct defects in the time granted, the Publisher reserves the right to cancel this book publishing contract with cause.


The Publisher shall provide the Author with the payments in accordance with the terms of this book publishing contract and HH Official Writers bi-weekly on 3rd and 18th of every month, starting June 18th, 2020. Payments shall be delivered to the Author by the Publisher no later than 5 business days stated on an ongoing basis via Zelle or Paypal.


The Publisher has all the copyright and shall include a copyright notice in the Author’s name on all published copies of the works in accordance with United States copyright regulations.

Author is strictly prohibited to use any materials provided by the Publisher for any purposes and personal use.

Warranties & Indemnity

The Author warrants that the works governed by this contract are their sole intellectual property, that no other similar agreements governing these works exist, and that the works are not in the public domain.
Additionally, the Author warrants that the works do not infringe on copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual rights of any third parties. If the works governed by this book publishing contract contain statements presented as fact, the Author warrants that such statements are true and accurate.
Furthermore, the Author agrees to refrain from entering into agreements with third parties that conflict with the terms of this book publishing contract.

Author’s Right to Cancel

Should the Author deem that the Publisher has failed or is failing to uphold the terms of this contract, the Author shall notify the Publisher in writing, and grant the Publisher a minimum of 7 days to correct such shortcomings. If the Publisher fails to adequately address the issues presented by the Author, the Author shall have the right to cancel this contract.

Publisher’s Right to Cancel

Similarly, the Publisher shall have the right to cancel this contract anytime for any reasons should they deem that the Author has failed to uphold it’s terms, after granting the Author a period of at least 3 days to correct such issues.
Should either party cancel this book publishing contract, all rights granted to the Publisher shall remain as long as remains in business.

General Terms

This contract represents the entire agreement between the Author and Publisher.

This contract may not be altered, amended, or otherwise modified except through written form requiring signature by both parties.

Should multiple individuals be considered the “Author” of the works governed by contract, each of those individuals shall be liable for adhering to the terms of this contract.

The Publisher and Author shall be granted an extension on any time-sensitive duties related to this contract should circumstances beyond their control interfere with their ability to execute their contractual obligations.

All notices related to this contract shall be delivered via certified mail or email.

This book publishing contract shall be considered legally binding upon both parties heirs, partners, associates, subsidiaries, successors, executors, and licensees.

This contract shall be governed by the laws of State of California.

Any disputes related to this contract shall be resolved through binding neutral arbitration.