Posted at May 25, 2020

Alter-Ego: a Playwright

The Raven & Me

–a play by Tori Alicia Nicole Pittman–


Act I, Scene I

(it’s raining, but the rain are tears as TORI is sitting, leaning by the window pane, watching the rain/tears fall.  RAVEN is looking in the mirror, rubbing her fingers through her long, black hair.  Her eyes giving a blank stare as she felt TORIstaring at her.  Both ladies are dressed in black.  The lighting is dim in the room that they’re in.)

RAVEN:  aaahh, the tears of rain, pouring.  I love it, don’t you?

(she turns around halfway, but only sees TORI continuing to stare at her)

RAVEN:  uumm, what’s with the look?

TORI:  you know exactly why I’m looking at you like this.

RAVEN:  sweetie, there’s no need to be mad at me…only yourself-

TORI:  I’m beginning to wonder why in the hell did I ever create you!

RAVEN:  (gasps) I am shocked, and hurt…you saying you don’t love me anymore?

(the rain pours harder as RAVEN walked up to TORI by the windowpane)

RAVEN:  all I have ever done was protect you-

TORI:  yeah, while going overboard and getting us into some trouble along the way.

RAVEN:  okay, at times I went too far and I’m sorry, but what was I supposed to do when you didn’t want to take the stand or the fall at times, huh?  Sit and cry like a baby that you are.

TORI:  excuse me??

RAVEN:  yeah, you heard me…every time the harshness hits, you’re balling your big eyes out, instead of just strapping your boots up and saying, ‘fuck it, bring it on’!!

TORI:  oh, so now you want to talk shit to my face now, huh?  You think you’re all big and bad now, and you think you can take me!

RAVEN:  I don’t think, love, I know!

TORI:  in case you have forgotten, love, I created you, and I can seriously take you out without any hesitation!

RAVEN:  I’d like to see you try it…

(TORI looks out the window, while RAVEN took her hand and turned TORI’s face to stare into her eyes.  TORI became lost into RAVEN‘s dark brown eyes, as silence consumed them.  RAVEN leaned up against TORI’s ear)

RAVEN: (whispers) you know you simply cannot get rid of me.  I am a part of you, and I am never, ever going away.

(RAVEN leaned back up, pressing her lips against TORI’s lips.  TORI screams, as do RAVEN and they both push each other while both of them falling on the floor)

RAVEN: (laughs hysterically)

TORI:  shut the fuck up!

RAVEN:  (continues to laugh) why?  You know you want to laugh too!  Laugh!!

(RAVEN keeps laughing while TORI ends up laughing with her.  They kept laughing for next ten to fifteen minutes, until they both fell silent, and began staring at each other)

RAVEN:  I love you.

TORI:  no you don’t.

RAVEN:  what do you mean?  I do love you.

TORI: (stands up) if you loved me, you would have protected me the right way.

RAVEN: but I-

(RAVEN begins to stand up, but TORI kicks her back down)

RAVEN: what was that for!

TORI:  to let you know who’s the boss and who runs this shit, and it ain’t you!

(TORI leaves room while RAVEN is still on the floor in shock, scene fades to black)


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