Posted at June 2, 2020

Book Review: “Fighting Ruben Wolfe”

Fighting Ruben Wolfe by Markus Zusak, best-selling author of The Book Thief, is a quick read for a young adult, likely a boy in search for a book about a couple of rough teenage boys who like to survive on the streets of the bad side of a city.

Cameron, the narrator, is a relatable character in that he is very human.  By that, I mean he doesn’t often believe in himself.  He’s not confidant, he’s not as tough as his brother, Ruben, and he’s not as good of a fighter as him.  Through his family’s suffering due to lack of income, Cameron and Ruben are rounded up and are put into the fighting ring to make money.

Fighting Ruben Wolfe is just one of The Underdog books that doesn’t even need to be read chronologically.  These books are pretty enjoyable for a quick, yet wonderfully written read.

Though it is narrated by a young, rough, tough teenage boy, there is little cursing, mild sexual references, and no blood and gore.  For teenagers who like a simple story from an amazing author, Fighting Ruben Wolfe is just what they need.


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