Posted at May 14, 2020

Reality Television

“This is the true story, of seven strangers, picked to live in a house”…you know the rest right? POP QUIZ: you know where this came from?

ANSWER: The Real World…one of the first reality television shows that was on the rise, and that was popular.

Now, reality TV is supposed to be where a filming crew zeros in on your life, round the clock kind of thing…exposing real life, right?

The Real World, anywhere USA showed us a glimpse of that, somewhat. The friendships, the hookups, the fights, the drama, the times where things got real, and so on and so forth. And that’s what was shown on MTV. Shortly after that, well, years after…the domination of the so-called reality television shows were on the rise.

These reality TV shows that’s supposed to be reality TV shows, are NOT REALITY TV SHOWS!! It’s called reality for a reason…where things are REAL, hence REALity…but apparently that’s not the case. Reality TV is supposed to be when you see people at their best and worst! Like, who wears makeup while you in the bed? No, you supposed to look like the rest of us…haggard like waking up trying to get right for the day. Where the dark circles under your eyes? Your breath supposed to be stankin in the mornings, this is reality TV!

It’s not reality TV where in Love and HipHop when the dummies want to get loud in public that people don’t turn around…I mean, how they cannot hear that noise?! That’s not reality TV, because when something goes off in a public setting, your eyes are turning to see where the action is, or your ass is running and will ask questions later, that’s the reality!

Now, the teen pregnancy and teen mom shows I believe are real, because they are showing the reality of what’s going on in our society of young girls getting pregnant at a young age. That’s reality because it’s really happening. But all that other mess, like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Survivor…LOL! Survivor is just a big freaking joke, and still pulling off millions of viewers…no, that’s not reality!

If reality shows are supposed to happen, they need to at least be REAL, and make people stop and think about some things and situations. Unfortunately, that’s not the case because it’s all been glammed up by a bunch of bull, and they call it reality TV. But if you all continue to enjoy it, then good for you! LOL. I’ll just stick to the fictional TV shows on SyFy or other channel outlets, and movies…reality TV needs to fall into that fictitious category anyway!


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