Posted at May 18, 2020

The Last Black Man in San Francisco Movie Review

The movie is based on Jimmie’s struggles aimed at securing his childhood hometown. The author uses the bus stop as the environmental context in which Mont and Jimmie get introduced to the happenings in the city. As they wait for the bus, Jimmie and Mont see the many changes occurring in the city. They also get to see the efforts of the protestors who strive to stop the happenings. Jimmie might have acquired the spirit of fighting injustices from seeing this.  

The ownership of the classic Victorian house was politicized. Jimmie was confident that the house was built in 1946 by his grandfather. However, according to the local realtor, Jimmie’s grandfather was not the builder of the house. Further, the realtor claims that he has documents to prove that the house was built in the 1850s, way before the said date of construction. The occupation of the house also seems political. On one visit to the house, Mont and Jimmie find the occupants of the house being forced out. The old woman was crying, and her husband watched helplessly. The old couple is powerless, and that is why such injustice is being served against them. Jimmie and Mont also lost the house in a manner that suggests a lack of power. They found their possession on the sidewalk. The local realtor had thrown their belonging out and had a sign posted in front of the house. 

The Victorian house is used to portray a social status with regards to age. Jimmie grew up in a house that he believed was built by his grandfather. Upon the death of his grandfather, the house was taken up by the mother of the old couple that occupied the house. The old couple ended up losing the house because of the fight that arose between the two sisters after the death of their mother. The house is handed down from one generation to the other. Finally, Jimmie gets a chance to occupy the house he thinks was built by his grandfather. The choice of decoration is vintage since it is what they used when he lived in the house with his grandfather. 

Kofi, a childhood friend of Jimmie and Mont, is portrayed as having a psychological disorder. Kofi’s friends think he looks feminine. To remain dominant and protect his ego, Kofi often found himself in trouble with other people. Kofi said hurtful things about Jimmies’ father. In the hope that it would make him feel better. Eventually, Kofi met his death after getting into a scuffle with a man. 

Jimmie is portrayed as having thrived in his social circles. He is seen in the company of his friend Mont many times. They walked together to the bus station and they rod together on their way to the Victorian house. When Jimmie moved into the Victorian house, Mont joins him, and they lived together happily. Kofi is their childhood friend who joins them in the Victorian house. Although their last encounter with each other was not pleasant, Jimmie remembers his group interactions with Kofi as being friendly. Further, through his friend Mont, Jimmie gets to know the truth about the house. It was sad for him to find out that it was not his grandfather that built the house. Before his departure, Jimmie thanks Mont for being a true friend.  


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