Posted at April 28, 2020

At Home Workout to Help Achieve a Sound Mind and Body in Spite of the Virus

For my first article on here I wanted to start off writing about something I am passionate about. I believe working out is a great way to relieve stress, and in a very stressful time I think it can be a key to getting even just a sliver of sanity. While the coronavirus might have wiped out any chance of going to the gym for awhile that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve some pain and gain.

Okay, so now your wondering what exactly you can do at home where there are no weights, big sweaty dudes, or blaring music. While nothing can replace a fully stacked gym with innumerable machines and free weights to use at your hearts content, there are fantastic workouts in which all you need is you.

To start off this workout we’ll go with the classic push-up (or press-up). While most may know the basics I’ll still go into detail as form will be extremely important with all of these body weight workouts. First, place your hands shoulder-width apart and straighten your back; you should ideally be in a straight line from your head to your heels. Next, lower your body until your chest is about an inch or so from the ground and then explosively push yourself back up. Congrats, you just did your first push-up! Now if you’re just a beginner or are uncomfortable and can’t maintain proper form, no worries. To make it easier, put your knees on the ground while maintaining having your hands shoulder-width apart and that should make it easier while still having the benefit of the workout. Finally do 3 sets until failure (failure is when you physically can’t push yourself anymore) and we’ll call that the first workout.

Push-ups are an amazing way to work about every muscle in your body, and even after quarantine when gyms are re-opened push-ups are a key to maintain or grow your strength. But now let’s focus on another key muscle, the legs.

A fantastic body workout to really test your strength, whether for beginners or even pros, is the pistol squat. A pistol squat is basically squatting down on one leg and maintaining your balance, while it may not sound too difficult it is. Plus, it’s also an amazing way to work those pesky legs. Pistol squats are a balancing act, literally and figuratively. You need a balance of strength, stability, and mobility to master this technique and if you just need some extra motivation just imagine you’re the karate kid hovering over a pole by the ocean. First, we’ll begin with the standing pistol squat. Step one is to just stand straight with your feet together, parallel to each other. The next step is to extend one leg in front of you (keep that leg as straight as you can) and raise your hands straight out in front of you. Next, while keeping both your core and spine straight, bend the leg you are standing on and slowly lower your whole body. Also, continue to extend your other leg and to keep it hovering. Finally, continue to bend your knee as far as you can with the goal of keeping your extended leg parallel to the floor. There you’ve done it! Now just stand back up and alternate to your other leg. This move is pretty advanced so ways to make it easier to do is to grab your couch (or chair, or anything for you to sit on) and instead of squatting as close to the ground as you can, use the couch as a brace. Once your butt hits the seat that’s a rep. For an intermediate between the two, grab a chair and brace your forearm on the top. Use your forearm to stabilize yourself while going through the movements. Again, we’ll do that for 3 sets until failure, while alternating between legs after each rep.

The last workout for our little emergency stay at home extreme workout routine will be walking lunges. Another fantastic way to work those glutes and walk out of quarantine with anything but a flat butt.

Step one will be to once again stand up straight and have your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, step forward with one of your legs and focus your weight on your heel. Now bend that knee, slowly lowering down until your leg is parallel to the floor. Stay in that position for a second, and without moving that first leg, now move your other leg forward and then repeat the same movement with the first leg. Fantastic, now your “walking.” Continue that until you feel like you can’t anymore, and we’ll call that your first set. Do another two sets and that’ll be it for walking lunges. If you feel this is too easy, grab something to hold onto with your arms during the workout. Filling up two milk jugs with water would be a fabulous way to make it more difficult, and you get a second use of your empty carton.

That will wrap up our little home workout to help survive quarantine without feeling like a slouch and achieving even just a little peace of mind. Remember we’re all in this together and we can make a positive out of such a negative time. thank you for reading and following along, hopefully this gave you a little motivation to better yourself or just to distract from anything negative in your life, and I hope everyone the best in a time where many might not find any positives in life.


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  • Judy May 03RD, 2020

    I agree exercise is the best way to get through this time. This workout is great for people who want to stay fit during this time with gyms being closed. Keeping positive and energized is the key to a peaceful happy life.

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