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Making the Most of Lesbian Retreats – C. Imani Williams

Making the Most of Lesbian Retreats

– C. Imani Williams

A getaway can do wonders for weary minds and bodies. A getaway with sister-friends is an excursion into sisterhood that women deserve to experience. Lesbian retreats, whether formal with a full itinerary of workshops and programming or informal with open activities and a couple of time slots where there are organized chats and discussions are both worthy of checking out.

Meals are either prepared and taken communally or provided by the venue. Lesbian retreats are an opportunity for lots of bonding, food, and good times. If you’ve never attended one here are some reasons to add it to your must-do list.

You Deserve to Getaway and Celebrate Queer Life

Aside from leaving the hustle of everyday life behind for a few days, lesbian retreats offer time for engaging community, meeting new people, and catching up with old friends. You will have time for introspection and solitude, and space to enjoy nature. The lesbian retreats I’ve attended have taken place away from the city where nature was bountiful and the air was clear. You could actually see stars in the night skies. If you’re a newbie, come with an open mind. Most lesbian retreats carry themes that celebrate sisterhood.

Pack For Fun Times!

Weekend retreats may include an extended weekend. Either way, make the most of it. Pack enough clothing to enjoy different activities. A sweater or hoodie for early morning journaling before breakfast and night walks keeps the chill away. For hiking, non-slip shoes or boots can help prevent slips and falls while getting the perfect outdoor shot. Bring something sassy for the talent-show or dance, one or the other (if not both), will likely be included on the agenda. Yes, bring party gear, whatever you like is acceptable.

Engage new People — It’s Welcome

We’re always coming out in the queer community. Many newcomers haven’t had the opportunity to share space and conversations with like-minded people. Understandable, especially for those who have been quiet about their queer journey. If you’re more of an introvert it’s cool to sit back until you feel comfortable engaging. No worries. You will!

Get Involved With Some Activism

Resources will be on hand for you to learn about LGBTQ community initiatives. You can find out how to get involved in the community and make a difference by sharing your gifts. It’s so much more than networking in the traditional sense. At a retreat people are relaxed and information flows. You can leave a retreat with enough volunteer activities to fill a month of Sundays. Take advantage of it. It’s a great way to meet other people and hone in on your skillset, without feeling pressured.

Kitchen Table Connections

Mealtimes provide time to kick it and enjoy sisterhood. I learned a lot about people and who they are while dining. Whether you’re cooking meals together, or on dishwashing duty afterward, the conversations and laughter that take place will stay with you long after you’re back home. If your venue provides prepared meals, lean back, and take it all in. The point is to enjoy yourself.

Romantic Connections

I know people who met at lesbians retreats, started dating, and later got married. It happens. When it does it’s a rainbow celebration. They didn’t meet at the bar or club. They met in a community while living queer lives. I think that’s the true beauty found in lesbian retreats. Living your life and getting support from the community in affirming who you are.

There is so much more work to be done towards equality. As queer folk, we can do our part by engaging and getting involved in the process. Building relationships that lead to art projects, educational goals, and programming, are all ways to building better communities, creating friendships and living life on queer terms. Try a local or national lesbian retreat and see how it changes your life.

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