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PASSPOT Comprehensive Cannabis Primer – C. Imani Williams


Comprehensive Cannabis Primer




“The author of Passpot hereby requests all whom it may concern to permit the enlightened individual named herein to puff, puff, and pass without delay or hindrance, and in case of need, to give all lawful aid and protection.”

I have learned so much from owning a Passpot. Every fact makes me interested in something else cannabis-related. The pocket-sized primer turned up my cannabis game. If I live for 100 years, I doubt I learn everything about cannabis. I’m here and down to try. My main objective as an activist and plant lover is to spread the good word.

Passpot Author, Ryan Vincent, spent 11 years researching and gathering information on the science of cannabis. The Passpot’s, “About the Author” page, states that Vincent has consulted on projects resulting in the opening of 40 cannabis dispensaries and 20 cultivation facilities.

The quote that starts this article, is a perfect introduction for this pocket-sized jewel choked full of useful information for cannabis enthusiasts. Those new to the world of cannabis and seasoned consumers alike can both gain relevant information from the Passpot.

My favorite part of the Passpot is the detailed sections on Terpenes. I had to purchase a magnifying glass to take in the Terpene charts which allow for coordinates of over 100 available terpenes. Had learning the science of cannabis had been offered with Chemistry class, I bet I would have at the top of the class.

I’m fascinated by Terpenes and all they lend to cannabis, CBD/Hemp. Honestly, there’s nothing not to love about Terpenes. Afterall, Terpenes are responsible for the flavor, aroma, and medicinal properties of cannabis. The cannabis plant does offer life and love. The study of Terpenes has turned me into a better cannabis connoisseur.

Now, I’m a bit bougie when seshing. I take my time dissecting and documenting how different strains turn me up or down. I ink how if a strain is over, or underrated. I’m also intrigued by the growing number of strain and how they’re being crossed. With over 600 strains to choose from, I’ve only made a small dent. I aim to increase my numbers.

The Passpot contains sections on Cannabis Safety, Adult-Use and Purchase, Federal and State Law Overview, Bill of Rights, Glass Bong and Pipe Cleaning, Cannabis and the Body, Species of Cannabis, Cannabis Decarboxylation, Cannabis Concentrates, Methods of Consumption, Measurements, and Conversions, Estimating Cannabis Quantities, and Principles of Responsible Cannabis Use.

Each of the aforementioned topics is an introduction that can be built on. It’s certainly the catalyst behind my growing interest. I’ve talked with people who are scared to try CBD. That should never be. CBD is a health helper and immune system booster. No one will ever, ever get high from CBD. I feel strongly that CBD should be legal everywhere and not 10 years from now, but today.

I’m not a big user of bongs, but after reading the Passpot, I feel confident when presented with the opportunity to discuss them. I’ve fallen in love with the beautiful discreet decorative art pieces/bongs found at My Bud Vase. When I get one, it’s going in the curio cabinet.

One of the most useful sections of the Passpot is Cannabis in the Body. Education and awareness are two huge ways to reduce stigma around cannabis. In laymen’s terms, the Enteraouge Effect is explained. Everyone is wired with receptors that respond positively to cannabis. Gaining a better understanding of this proven fact offers better health. That’s reasoning enough for me to continue to delve deeper into plant life.

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Another feature of the Passpot is the back pages. The idea is to collect stamps from industry events and dispensaries. I also had my Passpot personalized. The cost of this “good read” is equivalent to a nice gram. When the gram will be gone, the Passpot will still be around. It’s a few bucks more to personalize it. That creates a different kind of ownership. It speaks to one’s desire to be recognized as a member of the cannabis community.

I’d love to see Passpot events with loads of cannabis-related vendors. There’s potential for connecting a global cannabis community. There is a wealth of information coming from across the industry. For me, Passpot is a part of that toolbox.

Check out the video review below!

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