Posted at April 23, 2020

The Beauty and Benefits of Hemp Oil Is Real – C. Imani Williams


The Beauty and Benefits of Hemp Oil Is Real – C. Imani Williams

Hemp fiber is found in all cannabis plants. Extractions of hemp have personal benefits when used in cooking and as a skin moisturizer. Industrial hemp oil should be the family-friendly choice, as, by law, it doesn’t contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that gives users the “high” feeling.

A hemp bag is great to throw over your shoulder, but there are so many other uses. Hemp soap has been a favorite of many for decades. Oils and creams can be blended for cracked and peeling skin. The soaps are often found at festivals and fresh air markets. The DIY crowd should keep hemp oil on hand. YouTube offers videos on creating your own hemp-derived products.

Cooking with Hemp Oil Benefits

Hemp oil is a good, nutritious staple for cooking. Fatty acids found in vegetable oil are not heart-friendly. Conversely, hemp oil contains approximately 20% of the bad saturated fatty acids.  That means that hemp seeds produce oil that is about 80% of polyunsaturated fatty acid, which is good for the body. Pour or shake on hemp oil as you cook the same way you use olive oil. Be mindful that hemp oil does not do well with high temperatures. Industrial hemp oil does not have long shelf life and can become powerfully rancid.

Kick Petroleum Paint to the Curb – Environmental Benefits of Hemp

Hemp used in paint instead of petroleum is better for the environment and doesn’t clog drains. That’s two reasons to give it a try. The eco-friendly attributes of these naturally derived paints can help reduce contamination of our environment from the release of toxic substances. That’s a positive thing.

These are just a few of the many uses for hemp oil that can help people live cleaner and healthier lifestyles. Additionally, hemp oil disposal is easier on the environment. Perhaps this spent oil can be recycled and repurposed as a fuel, much the way biodiesel has been generated from used cooking oils. The potential to help purify the environment by reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases, all while still providing a nutraceutical food source, clothing, and toiletries can be realized from using hemp fiber and hemp oil. Win-win.

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