Posted at May 28, 2020

Romantic Writers and Self-love

The romantic era is marked by the romantic movement of art and literature; it focused on human emotions and tried to convey its elements through past and nature. The movement itself was a result of the French revolution and many violent outbreaks across Europe in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It sought to provoke the imagination of the people to bring about a vision of peace that everyone could believe in. Usually, the works of romantic writers have a strong representation of emotions and feelings, and they use nature as a tool for conveying emotion.  

In the poem “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman, the writer is on a journey of celebrating himself. He wants to have the biggest party by just staring at the grass blade with his soul. According to the writer, everything is beautiful and perfect. He has a tremendous love for the world, for nature, and everything fits well in this world. Nothing is terrible, because everything contributes to a larger good. The writer talks about learning through experiences rather than from teachers or books. He considers himself with different traits, like being different types of people, playing different roles. The writer says he is opposed to things like judgments that are self-righteous and being shameful about the physic. He believes that all the people are equal, death is a thing to celebrate, and all people and things are connected with an invisible wire. 

Walt Whitman portrayed many positive and beautiful values of life by showing nature as beautiful, pure, not judgemental, not ashamed, truthful, and something that treats everyone equally. Most of the human’s intrinsic institutions or traditions are born and bought up by being judgemental. Many human institutions are based on treating people differently, creating classes among people of rulers and followers. People are ashamed of their imperfections, and cannot be proud of what they have. The value of purity differs from people to people as well, and everyone has a different view on what they find beautiful. 


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