Posted at May 8, 2020

Shine Like The Sun

Instead of inner bruises

And broken parts

My soul is alive with an emotion I have rarely felt

I look in the mirror and instead of wanting to break down at my imperfections

I see my beauty

I see the light shining through the cracks

The cracks that I thought once made me broken and ugly

I’m not ashamed of my scars that adorn my arms

Instead I want to showcase and speak up

I want to stand on a stage and share my story

Instead of hiding in the shadows

Tell the young kids about how damaging bullying can be

I’d want them to see that things will get better

That their also not broken

I want my newfound confidence to shine as bright as the sun

And move waves like the moon does

I wouldn’t need to hide my pain

Because I could embrace it

Move on to something better

Finally be who I was meant to be

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