Posted at May 30, 2020

Sorority Stories Part One

I joined a sorority my second semester of my sophomore year. For most, this is considered ‘late’, but I had just transferred, and Greek life was huge at my new school. The process I went through was considered ‘informal recruitment’. I had already known what it felt like to not be Greek at my first university and didn’t mind it, but at the new school, I really wanted to join.

Informal recruitment didn’t happen until the second week of school. The process took three days and at the end of the third day was considered ‘bid day’. The recruitment events took place at the sorority house and lasted about an hour and a half each night, keep in mind this is informal recruitment, so it is not as big as formal recruitment.

The first two days were more basic get-to-know you. The first night I talked to two girls in depth and a third popped in for a quick conversation. The second night was about the same, but more serious conversation. I remember the final girl I talked to on that day was a senior in the house and I really liked her which made me want the house even more. After each event, you would receive a text inviting you back for the next day… if they saw you as a good fit.

The third day was a house tour. The girl recruiting you took you around the house, showing it off and sharing personal stories. At the end, each girl received a bid and the other members of the house are all waiting for you downstairs to celebrate. It was super fun and it really does make you feel special.

After that, you could decide whether or not to accept your bid. I accepted my bid and went through the process to become an official member of the house. I really enjoyed the informal process. It was quick and the stress level was low. I felt like going through informal gave me an authentic look at the house and I quickly found a friend group.

There are a few things I will say though that did not go as well. Being new was hard at times. You’re in the same pledge class as the girls who joined in the fall which means I was in the same pledge class as the freshman. I wasn’t the only sophomore who joined though, so there were a few others in my same boat. This meant that everyone had a whole semester to develop friendships, so I was late to the game. Another challenge that wasn’t too difficult, but I think should be pointed out, was that there were one or two girls that thought because we didn’t go through formal recruitment, we weren’t as official as they were. Of course, other girls in the house thought that was ridiculous and shut them down, but it was also difficult knowing that people felt that way. It was nice having people on your side ready to defend you though, even if you didn’t know them well.

Overall, I wouldn’t change my recruitment experience. I feel like informal was perfect for me and it took a bit of time, but I was able to find my fit and some really good friends.


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