Posted at May 12, 2020

Sophomore Year

I remember right after I left freshman year to begin my summer how much fun I had. I had a few turbulent times, but I put all that in the past. 

When I came back sophomore year, I was ecstatic to make new friends and reconnect with the ones that I had. After a long hiatus, my friends Vanessa, Christina, Rachel, Bruno, Janae and Peter got back together. We all discussed what we did over the summer. Each of their experiences fascinated and tantalized my mind. Some had gone to a different country and others went to visit family. They made me feel like I was back at home.

 I also met new friends including James, Victor, and Matt. We shared some similar interests in the arts. James was interested in film and later joined the film club with me. Victor was interested in music and we talked about the music business voraciously. 

After about a month of classes, I found that even though I reconnected with my friends, we all seemed to grow apart. Not to say that we hated each other, but that we were too busy with classes and work. I felt a sense of loneliness and, in comparison to my freshman year, sophomore year lost the magic and the sincere spark that made it so enjoyable. I wanted to hang out with them more but they were all busy and I, myself, was too busy. I thought I was going to go to college just to go to my classes and work. I didn’t think that I would ever have a social life, until I met a few new friends in Spellman. We all hung out in Spellman right before the Welcome Back Party at the college and partied the night away. 

One time, after a volleyball game, we all hung out in the hallways of Spellman and just chatted about what we were going to do with our lives. Joey, who was a very likable young man with a diminutive stature, said that he wanted to go into music technology for a career. Everyone was so enthusiastic to begin their college year as freshman. I even told them that once they leave freshman year behind and become sophomores, the work load will be a lot harder and they may have to sacrifice a lot time with friends and at parties to maintain a good GPA. 

Not too long ago, before I decided to take a break from studying in Spellman lounge, we went to McDonald’s and we joked around eating and having a good time without having any hassle of loitering or noise complaints. I also explained to one of my friends that I was in film club, currently working on a project with my close friend Joe. He told me that he was also working on a film project himself and wanted me to be apart of it through upper management. I already told him that I would help spread the word about his project to the rest of the film club and try to help get this thing off the ground because I had already finished my short film for my class. 

When we got back on campus, he gave me a script to look over and some sketches that he designed. He treated me like a professional and gave me a shot at his film community. 

 I told him that I was ecstatic about getting this project from off of the ground and that I would do everything in my power to help produce this film. 

I would never invest in something if I knew it wasn’t going to be big one day. I am currently in the process of reading the script and looking at the sketches that my friend gave me. I have never been so excited to work on a project in my life. 



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