Posted at May 1, 2020

Empath Self-Care 101

As an empath, we have a soft spot for people who are hurting in any minimal way. And it seems like we could worry for others more especially during this sensitive time. But during this time, we have to remember to take care of ourselves the most. Remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup. It is crucial to make sure that your own needs are met before you go out there and try to ‘save’ others.

As I have read somewhere, “empathy without boundaries is self-destruction.” Empaths need stronger boundaries so that we don’t give away too much of our energy to caring for others. I have struggled with this so much in the past. I gave all my energy away to nurturing others’ emotions and goals, and I did put other things before my own significant needs. But we need to focus on our own life the most.

To remember to put yourself first, I would recommend creating a vision board. If you are new to the vision board concept, you can check out my other post that gives you instructions.

Looking at your vision board daily will remind yourself of YOUR own goals and needs.

Follow me on this journey as an empath as I give you guidance and advice while I learn through my own trials and errors as well.

I love you!

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