Posted at May 6, 2020

Intentional Living

Many of us wander in life, some aimlessly, and some with a purpose.  Do you have yours? You may have spent most of your life without being aware of your intentions, which are everything. Intentions are essentially the purposeful plan behind an action or behavior. For example, if a mistake has been made, there can be two intentions – one is a mistake, whereas the other may actually be a purposeful action.

Living without intention is like getting in your car without a destination. Where will you go? You need to be clear on where you are headed so you can map the way to your destination.

To find out what your intentions are, ask yourself why you are doing something and what the point you are trying to achieve is. The more you ask yourself this, the better you can understand yourself and where you want to go in life. When we get clear about our intentions in life, we can break down the smaller steps to bring our dreams into reality.

Start thinking about where you want to go in life today! Its the best time to start planning and thinking thoroughly.

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  • Positistic May 06TH, 2020

    I absolutely agree with your statement. I am an actor and intention is the source that propels everything forward, whether its a movie plot or even a career decision. Just simply asking the question “what do I want” is enough to make those gears turn.

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