Posted at May 9, 2020

Simple Self Care Date with the 5 Senses At Home

Its the weekend & the perfect time to treat yourself like the divine being that you are. In honor of the lovely weekend, here is a self care ritual specifically dedicated to all my beautiful feminines out there.

We are going to use all of our five senses to make you feel radiant inside and out today or any day. The way that each of us experience the five senses – sight, smell, sound, taste, And touch – are very unique and personal. We live every waking moment through these five senses and experience life’s richness through them in our own way.

What’s the harm in having a date with yourself, the most important person in your world?

Feel free to modify the steps to your own personal preferences! The goal of self care is to increase feelings of self love.


Take a soothing bath with your favorite essential oils and some epsom salt. If you don’t have essential oils, you can light your favorite candle. The soothing touch of water can calm you and set the mood for this ritual.

Bonus: If you have a furry friend, don’t forget to pet it!


Dress up in something other than your home clothes, such as a dress or a romper that you saved for the perfect event. Try it on and step into the mirror and admire the beauty in the reflection.

Bonus: If your room is messy, you can clean it up to give yourself more inner peace. Your outer world reflects your inner world!


Wear your favorite expensive perfume (mine is Bright Crystal by Versace). It might surprise you with how much your self esteem boosts with this small act!

Bonus: To make more use of scents and aromatherapy, light up your favorite candle as well. This should instantly uplift your overall mood.


What’s your favorite song to jam to? Whether you want to dance like no one’s looking, feel motivated, or remember a good memory, choose a song that matches your intentions. There is no right or wrong!

Bonus: If you want to feel more zen, I would suggest looking into binaural beats.


I want to suggest for you to enjoy your favorite guilty pleasure meal (not snack!). Enjoy every taste of it and put aside all your distractions to appreciate every bite.

Bonus: Try a new recipe or a meal you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had the time to. Now is the time!

The whole point is to feel more nourished with self love!! I hope you enjoyed this. Stay tuned for more.

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