Posted at May 20, 2020

The System

the system, is fucked;

how it affects you and I,

your mother, father, brother, sister;

how it affects us greatly,

while the system laughs, and horns

grows satanically;

so much is going on in the world

which got the Earth spinning

off of its axis, thrown off of its

own hemisphere, might as well

burn with the sun;

what leader is real, can we

even believe anyone, anymore;

their words burns our souls of

empty promises, the television

fries our minds, technology

is corrupting us so, what ever happen

to practicality of being natural,

everything is so poisoned, we

don’t know what’s even natural now;

it has come back to the circle of Life,

survival of the fittest, every man for himself,

because clearly no one cares anymore;

except for a few trying to make a change,

but no one’s out to lend a helping hand;

what happened to making a difference,

taking a stand, being united, now we only

cower away, waiting for someone else

to take action; our ancestors are disgusted,

while turning over in their graves of pain;

this may sound harsh, but who ever said

that a Reality Check was ever simple;

things have got to be better, we have got

to do better, one day at a time; to have

a decent looking system, and we all

become equal, and see each other as equals;

but until we all see eye to eye, have

a true understanding, we sit back and

continue to see the system, still, getting fucked.


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